Davenport Waitlist (LPN)

  1. Hey folks,

    Just wondering if anyone had any idea what the waitlist is at DU. I'll be going for my LPN. Of the gen. ed courses, I have 13 of the 24 credits that can transfer in. Leaving me with only my A&P courses and Health 101 to take. I'll either be going to the Midland campus or the Saginaw campus (if they have an LPN program).

    I'm playing phone tag with admissions. Anyone have any ideas about admissions to the LPN program or the length of the waitlist?

    I posted a couple weeks ago about options for schooling and didn't get any responses. I'd really appreciate it if someone took the time.


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  3. by   WorkingTowardsBSN
    Hi, Danielle,

    I am, unfortunately, not going to have any answers for you! I applied to DU because they didn't have a waitlist (the BSN program), so I'm really surprised to hear this! Have you applied to the BSN program? With so many of the credits already done, you would likely have a good shot at getting into the BSN program. Just a thought.

    I hope you get some answers soon!
  4. by   granolatrees
    Thanks for the response. What campus are you at?

    I finally chatted with someone today from the school. Actually "chatted" via their online service. I have a phone appointment on Friday.

    There's no waiting list, it's competitive entry. And as of right now, prereqs don't even need to be finished to be entered into the nursing (LPN-are they different, or does BSN just last longer?) program because there were so few applicants.

    My big issue will be getting into the school-dropped a lot of classes at my old school. But the GPA for nursing school entry is based on science and math scores (she thought-it's the only thing she was unsure of) and that will be no problem at all (I was going to school for Ecology).

    Then I'll have about two weeks to study for TEAS, and provided that works out well, I should be starting nursing school for LPN at DU in Midland in the Fall.

    Anyway, I should know if I'm admitted this week!
  5. by   WorkingTowardsBSN
    Have you heard anything yet?
  6. by   granolatrees
    I have!

    The Midland campus at Davenport University dropped their ADN program, leaving them only LPN and BSN.

    As a result, most folks are shooting straight for the BSN because they're "phasing out" LPNs in healthcare settings, etc. (You can still find plenty of jobs, fyi! I've been looking!)

    So, due to most people wanting to skip over LPN, they were actually in NEED to having seats filled. They have 45 seats for the LPN program, and only 30 were filled.

    I have enough prereqs to transfer in that I will be able to start LPN courses straight away this fall and peck away at the remaining prereqs (computer class and A&P. I was a biology/ecology student for the past three years).

    I took my TEAS. I got a 78. I didn't study a wink (I was chased by a kid with a knife at work and blah blah blah life was crazy.) Most of the folks studied their asses off. (Excuse my mouth, don't know if that's permissible here.) 78-100 is considered "advanced" in their points scheme for admittance. Also, I was told by admissions the average TEAS score is between 50 and 54. Admissions mouths dropped when they heard mine, so I'm not sure whether to feel proud of incredibly worried about the educational quality of people I may be sitting in class with.

    I'll hear whether I've been admitted or not within the next 4 weeks. Pretty much right before the semester starts.
  7. by   WorkingTowardsBSN
    Great job on your TEAS! I hear you about not studying - I signed up on a Monday and my test was Saturday. I know that the TEAS V is supposedly significantly more difficult than the last version, and that the average score dropped significantly.

    Good luck with the wait (this is, by far, the worst part!)! Keep me posted!
  8. by   shan409
    Looking for current students or grads of DU. I am starting the LPN program in Sept and then more than likely starting the BSN program next year.
  9. by   Donna313
    Hey did u finish at DU? I was at ITT (i know, huge mistake) and just applied for early admission into LPN at DU and plan to bridge over to BSB afterwards. Just wanted to know how was the experience there.