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I took the HESI (95) today and sent my application. Time for the 8-10 week wait! I thought I would start a thread to see if there are any other hopefuls out there.... Read More

  1. by   Suns_Up2009
    Hi RN 4 Life,

    I am rooting for you! Your story last year reminded me of mine. I never heard a word from anybody and finally in the middle of August I went in to ask and was told I was an alternate. Great, except when I printed the forms from the computer this year the application seemed foriegn to me. It had questions I don't remember answering last year. Last year I picked up the package from the school! Makes me wonder if I ever really properly applied. I just checked my mail and still nothing. I really hope you get in! :wlcmblks: Back!
  2. by   RN_4_life
    Thanks Suns Up!! I can't believe how different everything is this year....I triple checked everything this year!! I am not betting on getting in because I am trying to be real...I am actually attending University of Phoenix getting my Bachelor's in Psychology for my back up plan. I will graduate next October with that. I figure if I want to go back to be an RN, I can take accelerated classes once I have the Bachelor's. I wish the best of luck to you. And everyone that steered me wrong last year has supposedly been terminated and that is the reason for some of the changes this year!! Hopefully it helped a lot of people! I know this year they sent out letters if you applied but weren't eligible. They didn't do that before and people were getting denied and didn't know why and just kept re-applying. One girl I know applied 3 years in a row and kept getting denied...because of those new letters this year, she found out she needed more classes!! That should have been brought to her attention 3 years ago by her counselor!!!! Now she has to take more classes and waited 3 years!! Well good luck to you....let us know when you hear something!!
  3. by   mal82
    suns up...
    i am applying to the midland campus but a caro student. i really hate that this takes so long but i have been checking the classes in the davenportal and it looks like only some of the rn classes are being filled up sooo...there's still hope!!
  4. by   RN_4_life
    I was told that letters were mailed out yesterday!! Guess we should hear tomorrow or friday! Good luck to us all!!
  5. by   Suns_Up2009
    I wonder if they sent out letters for both campuses on the same day. I couldn't stand it anymore so I called today and was told they haven't sent out the letters yet. Gotta love the suspense!
  6. by   mal82
    rn 4 life...where did u get your info? now i'm nervous!
  7. by   mal82
    did u call midland campus?...i can't stand this waiting!
  8. by   Suns_Up
    I called the Midland Campus. I didn't get anything today either. Maybe their watching these posts and getting a kick out watching us freak out! Who knows.
  9. by   mal82
    I called my adviser today and she said they won't be going out for a couple of weeks. Who knows if that's true but I can't imagine them waiting too much longer. Yeah they probably are reading these and laughing. I probably would if I was in their position, lol!!
  10. by   RN_4_life
    this is the same thing that happened last year! I don't know why it is so hard to get the facts straight, ya know??? Now I heard that they were mailed out today! Who knows!! I can't believe that they would wait a couple more weeks, we still have to do physicals and orientation by whenever classes start in august!
  11. by   Suns_Up2009
  12. by   casonpa
    I am not apart of the program that you are waiting for, but I too am on pins and needles for you all....As soon as anyone hears, let us know. Prayers going out your way...
    April...who is trying to make up her mind to what school to attend..UGH!!!
  13. by   goodgalpal

    Warren Campus.....
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