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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class.... Read More

  1. by   promiseme1
    DeepBlue , and good advice. Whenever in doubt, talk to your advisor.
  2. by   lilflygirl111
    I have a question?? Does anyone know what the "release of information form" is?? It was on the acceptance letter regarding the forms will will receive at orientation??? Also, how much does the drug screen test cost?? I will be doing that Friday!
  3. by   Anoetos
    Release of Info is just a standard form, if you want it early (before orientation), I am sure you can get it in Student Services.

    The Drug Check is done through Quest and it was covered in tuition for those in HLTH101, the CBC as well and that is done online.

    Unless they want another one...which I can't imagine.

    Contact your advisor, or wait for orientation...that would be my advice.
  4. by   SamanthaLP
    DeepBlue, thanks! I will just leave everything! I am a planner and hate not knowing what my schedule will be....lol. Also, I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 10 month old I need to find a sitter for.

    I am sure they will clear everything up at orientation.
  5. by   DeepBlueSea09
    Okay, relax .

    All of the forms that you need you will get at orientation or in the mail. Wait to get the forms, don't go looking for them! The things you need for the nursing program are specific to the nursing program. Most of the time forms come in a packet and need to be turned in as a packet. They will also need to be done a certain way or by a certain person or by a specific date. Also, most of the forms are only good for 1 calendar year, so if you fill out a "Release of Info" now it won't last you through the whole school year. That can create a bit of a mess. I know it's hard to wait, but trust me take the time to wait now instead of having to find a form or whatever in the middle of the semester the day before you start clinicals. It's not fun!

    The release of info is a pretty standard form. You will get it at orientation. It's so that the school can release information from your file to the clinical sites.

    Try and remember, you guys just got your letters but the nursing office just got your names too. They have to start files for each of you and get things together to be ready. In addition to that the school has 2 groups of students that are getting to ready to take NCLEX so they are very busy!! And there's 60 BSN students plus LPN students that are just sending in applications who will total 60 plus the 60 current students that will be back next year plus 60 students graduating to the completion program plus everyone in the completion program, they have a lot to do.

    Yes, the drug test that you take for HTHL101S is the same drug test for the nursing program and the cost was included in the course fees. Remember, KEEP COPIES!!! (Of EVERYTHING!)

    If you need something to do in the mean time, invest in a good lunch box (for clinicals and long days at school) and I suggest finding a good tote bag to carry stuff in for clinicals. It's really annoying to try and use a backpack, and there isn't always room to store a backpack at clinical. If you need to renew your BLS card, do that. (Although I think last year the nursing office offered a session and it was really cheap. So wait if you want or get it done). Start putting $5 away every week or something. There are lots of little expenses that you are going to have so I suggest it. (I.E. the first day of parking at a clinical site you might have to pay since you won't always have a badge the first day). Go to the dollarstore and stock up on penlights. I think the dollarstore penlights are great since I don't feel so bad if it gets dirty and I want to throw it away. Get a dollarstore calculator to keep in your pocket at clinicals (same reason). Scrubs are expensive! I won't lie its a huge expense. So budget for that.

    Most of all, relax! You will be so busy come fall that you need to take the time now to relax and enjoy the summer. I assure you that it will all come together GL!!!!
  6. by   Anoetos

    Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful.
  7. by   promiseme1
    Thanks Deep, Good info to know!
  8. by   MsAshley
    Thanks so much for the info Promiseme I am going to make an appointment to speak to an advisor and see what I need to do to be ready for next year. Wish I was celebrating with you all this year but my time will come soon! You all have a great first year and relax this summer!! Its going to be the last time that's your own for two years from what I hear!!
  9. by   lilflygirl111
    Thank you so much for the time you have taken to inform all of us what to expect.
    I'm a planner and like to be one step a head all the time. I had to talk to my nursing advisor today regarding my Spring/Summer schedule. They must be starting are files as you mentioned, because she said, she would note it in my file.
    Thanks for the advice on items to purchase and where to get them.
    What kind of bag for clinicals do you suggest to buy???
    Thanks again,
  10. by   persephone162
    Hey Everyone,

    Man I have been trying to get on here, however I have been bogged with work and classes!
    Well I recieved my letter on Monday, and I was accepted

    Such a relief, as I was really wanting to make into this program! As well the stressful anticipation
    and wait for the letter, had to take at least a couple years off! After being misled by Bakers
    program, I really felt Davenport gave me at least a hopeful chance!

    Congratulations EVERYONE for making it in You all Truly Deserve It!
    I look forward to meeting and seeing you on June 23rd!

    Take Care, Persephone
  11. by   persephone162
    Congratulations! You totally deserve it!!
    Look forward to meeting you in orientation!

  12. by   DeepBlueSea09
    I forgot if you plan on going to the doctor for a physical BEFORE orientation, WAIT, there is a form for medical clearance that you will get. Save yourself the trouble and money of paying for an office visit twice!


    Something like that is best. There was a black one that was really nice but I didn't see it on the website. When the School Store comes to campus during the semester they bring them.

  13. by   lilflygirl111
    Thanks for all your help DEEP!!! How far along are you in the program??? What does a typical schedule look like?? They mentioned in one of letter's enclosed, they recommend not working more than 16 hours a week at a job. How true is that, do you work?

    Persephone, I also went to Baker and was extremely dissapointed and they were so misleading. I'm actually grateful now that I was accepted at Baker. I think getting in at Davenport is where I am supposed to be!!! Wonder if we had classes together at Baker??
    Lilflygirl (future) BSN,RN hehehehehe