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Hi, this is my first time posting, and wanted to see if anyone is attending Davenport University? I have 3 more pre req's, then take the HESI in January....I love it!... Read More

  1. by   adn44
    a school can recieve approval from the michigan bon, although approval and accredidation are not the same. Once approved by the bon the school then has a limited amt of time to "prove" success of the program to gain accredidation. Baker college of flint just recently gained accredidation for their nursing program, which has been implemented since around 2003.
  2. by   adn44
    sorry for the out of order post, somehow I was put here instead of where I was posting too.
  3. by   flwrswlt
    Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek offers a part time ADN program. I just graduated May 10th and took my NCLEX today. I am out of district and paid $105.50 a credit hour. I think more schools are doing the part time thing. I live 3 miles from Glen Oaks comm college but went to KCC 'cause of the part time thing.
  4. by   goodgalpal
    I am going to Davenport now for my pre-reqs and yes their entire program is accredited. It is listed on their website.

    Does anyone have tips/advice on how to get in to Davenport's nursing program?

    If you got in, what was your GPA and HESI? What are they looking for on the entrance essay?

  5. by   mursestudent
    I got accepted to the midland campus this fall. I had a 4.0 and scored 93 on the hesi. I would say get excellent references and write a killer essay to get in. hope this helps and good luck
  6. by   JC-Nurse
    Davenport has it's NLN accrediation. You can go part time in a way. So far the max I have gone each week is 3 days and they have morning classes and evening (starting at 3 pm or later).
  7. by   Nantucket1979
    I graduated this year with my ADN from the Midland campus and they are NLN accredited. This happened within the last year. The instructors are wonderful at that campus. I am wishing you all luck.
  8. by   dream2be

    I currently attend the Warren campus and I'm in the LPN program, bridging to RN. I am really struggling. Everyone tells me it's like this at first, but I am getting discouraged. I don't know how to live the next two years of my life with that horrible feeling in my stomach. I was a 4.0, have no idea what I'm at currently. Struggling with Pharmacology big time

    You should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Any tips or advice on keeping sanity is welcomed. If you want to, you can private message me.

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
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