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  1. Hello,

    I just joined today so I have no idea if this is supposed to be posted strictly in the CNA forum but I think this is an appropriate place too. Dont jump on me if im wrong

    I was recently laid off and I'm looking to maybe get some training over the summer in the medical field. I had my heart set on phlebotomy but I missed the class at Marygrove College. Then I heard CNA was a better field. I've looked into Aress institute as well as Abcott institute so far but thats all I've really found, and I don't even know if theyre reputable. I feel really lost...I cant find too many other places for training. I hear about hospitals and LTC facilities offering it, but I cant find it. My questions to my fellow michigan CNA's are:

    1) Where can I find a good place? Am I missing something? Where did you go?

    2) Are the two places I mentioned above reputable? (Abcott or Aress)

    3) Are there any phlebotomist in here?

    4) Is there such a thing as PAID training? (like I know you can get it through your employed but I'm talking about government paid)

    Thank you so much for your help, guys.
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  3. by   Sugarcoma
    Hello Slysix!

    The Red cross offers a CNA training program. According to their web site it is $900.00. I don't know about paid training progams, perhaps you could check around at some LTC facilities. You may also want to check area schools community education offerings, some of them offer CNA, Ward Clerk, Phlebotomy etc. You may also want to check with your local unemployment office, they may have programs available for retraining since you are laid off. Good luck!
  4. by   SlySix
    Thank you sugarcoma! I saw that on the red cross site, but when I looked on the schedule there werent any programs on the schedule. I plan to call all the LTC facilities on Monday to see what they've got. Thanks!
  5. by   Anne36
    The Red Cross doesnt post their schedule on-line. I called last month and was told they have a new session every month. I think it is about 3 weeks full time. I might do the July one but am like you and was thinking of trying out a ltc. I would love to get paid training too, but mostly just dont want to shell out the money for Red Cross. If you are hired in at a state run ltc there is a reimbursement for the class. I should say that I dont know how much money you can get for sure but there is something. I saw it on I called a private assisted living place and they said that they train but I havent checked it out. I would want to make sure they train well enough to pass the state exam for cert. so that I could work where ever I want.

    If you find out anything about ltc that offer training around here let me know by posting it here because I'm looking for the same thing. My main thing is I'm super busy right now and need my Mom to come babysit so I can train. That wont be till the end of June. She will only be here a bit so eventually I am looking to train and then get something for weekends.
  6. by   SlySix
    I heard about some place in Waterford called Canterbury on the lake? I think thats a LTC with training....Are you close to Waterford?
  7. by   Anne36
    Yes, I am very close. I think that I might look into that. Thanks. I dont know how I'm going to manage because I just found out that my mom isnt coming to help with my 4 kids. I am a fulltime mom right now and cant do anything fulltime. There is no way I'm going to pay a sitter it would cost too much and I cant afford it. I dont even know how I'm going to pay for school and the daycare I'll need for that. I am hoping that I can find something part time nights or weekends. If I cant, then I will have to wait until summer is over.
  8. by   Ms.RN
    i know three nursing homes that offer cna training: cantenbury on the lake in waterford, georgian bloomfield in bloomfield hills, and lourdes nursing home in waterford. the cna training in all this nursing homes are paid training.