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Hey out there! I'm going to be taking the HESI-A2 next month in order to apply to Charity School of Nursing & in my looking online for information on the test, I've seen people at other schools... Read More

  1. by   Phi823
    That is sooo frustrating!! So, it looks like Trip #3 is in your future soon. That is just the weirdest thing ever. So, when you go down there, I would suggest that they try to register you, and see what happens. If it makes you feel any better, my husband goes through the same thing with them. He is a firefighter in New Orleans so they don't pay anything to go to school there. Most of the firemen take the classes to become either Captain or Chief. Anyway, they will send him a bill every semester saying that he owes, and when he doesen't pay, of course they will put a hold on his account, and he has to go down there, etc... He gets really upset by the whole thing. And my mom goes to the one in Covington. She has a B.S. from Texas, but she lost her high school diploma in Katrina. The high school that she went to has been torn down for about 40 yrs now, and the records of graduates from that school only goes back to 1970, and she graduated in '65. So, to make a long story short, they made her take an Ability to Benefit test even though she has a college degree. So, all 3 of us complain to each other all the time! Let me know what happens though
  2. by   mscoates
    I take my Hesi on 8/29 @ the westbank campus and i'm studying from the hesi a2 book. Any suggestions.
  3. by   Phi823
    I'm mainly focusing on A&P b/c I heard that was the most difficult. I've read the A&P section in the HESI book, but I also bought "A&P for Dummies" and "Fundamentals of Success:Critical Thinking" because there is a Critical Thinking part on the test as well. I bought the A&P for Dummies because I don't have my old A&P books being that the school that I went to made you rent books instead of buying them. I have to make at least a 75 to have a profile score of 60. I think the cut off has been 55 in the past few years.
  4. by   mscoates
    I take my Hesi tomorrow....I will be back to post my results....fingers crossed.
  5. by   Sydlie
    Whoops! I totally forgot to let you guys know: I was the first one done with the test, which would have been paranoia inducing except for the part where you get to monitor your results as you go along! I ended up with a 92! I'm pretty happy!

    Only thing that sucks is that I never got the admission problem taken care of, so I couldn't take A&P this semester and their website says that as of this year, you MUST have A&P 1 finished before applying to school. I'm still looking into LSU's BSN program, however I might need to retake the HESI for that since they require the Chemistry portion of the test and it wasn't available to take at Delgado.

    Hope everyone did great!
  6. by   Phi823
    Ms Coates, let us know!! You'll be fine!
    Sydlie, I forgot to post how I did too. I posted it under a different thread. I was really happy that I made an 85, and I scored an 850 on the Critical Thinking part. My profile score is a 75 now so hopefully that will be high enough to be accepted. You did awesome though. A 92 is really high!! I was going to apply to LSU, but the deadline was 8/15, and I hadn't taken the HESI yet.
  7. by   Sydlie
    If I'd taken A&P, I'd apply to Charity now & if everything was set up with Delgado and I was in this semester, I'd have applied to Charity in the winter. As it stands, I could apply to LSU this winter, but couldn't aply to Charity until next fall. Oy! Such a mess.
  8. by   mscoates
    Hello future nurses, GUESS WHAT...I PASSED. The only difficult part was A&P, none of those ?s were in that hesi evolve book. overall 89.71%
  9. by   MsLeana
  10. by   Phi823
    Yay Ms Coates!!! You must feel so relieved!! Awesome!!
  11. by   mwilliams5486
    Hi im planning on taking the hesi test for charity soon. If you have already taken it can you please give me any info u have. Like what study guides to buy? Is the one recommended any good? Im so lost. I still have 5 classes to take in order to have ALL my prereqs completed, and i dont know if i should apply now because i have the minimum or if i should wait to apply for admission in may when i complete everything! Please help me in anyway... Good luck to all of u
  12. by   Phi823
    I would finish all of your prereqs first. That's what the school recommends. I finished all of them, and I called the school to see what else would help me, and they recommended Med Term, Adv Med Term, and Human Diseases so taking the last 2 this semester. Applying next month for Fall 2012. I took the HESI in August, and scored an 85. The website will not let us give any info about specifics of the test; however, the book from the Delgado bookstore is awesome to help prepare you. I did all of the practice questions for all of the sections. I also bought "Anatomy for Dummies" from B&N because the a&p section in the HESI book does not go into detail and it had been awhile since I took those classes. For the Grammar section, you either know or you don''s not something that you can learn over night. Also, you'll get extra pts on the profile sheet if you finish all of your prereqs (15 pts).
  13. by   mwilliams5486
    Thank u very much for the info. I was thinking about purchasing the anatomy for dummies. I have taken med term already. I just need micro, my other math a&p 2 , and english 102. My main problem i think will be math like fractions and conversions its been so long..., but im hoping for at least an 85 on the hesi! Congrats on your grade and on getting in. I may still apply in december and hope for the best. I just hate to wait until may to apply when there may be a chance i can start in august of 2012. I can always re apply.