Beaumont Royal Oak

  1. I have an interview this week at Beaumont..excited and nervous.

    Anyone currently work at Beaumont RO as an RN?

    What are the current RN salaries for someone with experience, over 15 yrs?
    Are their shift differentials? Sign on Bonuses?

    ....I am out of the loop.

    I have been a SAHM for about 3 yrs now, so things are "new" to me all over again.

    Also, does anyone know when Med benefits would begin if hired? Is there a probationary wait of 3 mos or so??

    Thanks for your help!!!
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  3. by   Lasoniamacaroni
    good luck to you on your interview. What floor is it on?

    I have worked at RO beaumont for over a year now. Not as an R.N, but a nurse tech. I will be done with school in march. To the best of my knowledge medical benefits start the first day of the next month from your start date. There are shift differentials as well as weekend differentials. The only bonuses they offer are for referrals, not an actual sign on bonus. Let us know how it goes!!!!
  4. by   over30nursestudent
    Have you went on their website? In case you have not, here it is It sounds like they have great benefits. When I am done with school I plan on applying there. Good Luck, Colleen
  5. by   justjenny
    I can't comment on the salary for someone who has been an RN for 15 years as i am a new grad, but the benefits are wonderful (we have saved HUNDREDS on health insurance!!!!) and working full time there are shift premiums for afternoon/nights and weekends.
    What floor/unit are you interested in?