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Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??... Read More

  1. by   Kier721
    The people who didn't get in will be the ones who know the cut off, they will get the letter/email.
  2. by   brightfutur
    woo woo!! Had to be lower than 88.5! whew
  3. by   mistydbuffa
    Congrats to you all!!!!!
  4. by   suzanne26262000
    Quote from brightfutur
    woo woo!! Had to be lower than 88.5! whew
    Did you get in brightfutur?!
  5. by   milsap8
    I made it too!! Soo happy! I'm excited to meet all of my classmates and get started!! See you all in September!
  6. by   suzanne26262000
    Quote from milsap8
    I made it too!! Soo happy! I'm excited to meet all of my classmates and get started!! See you all in September!
    Congrats! See you in the fall!
  7. by   mistydbuffa
    It is so good to know that we got accepted. I was so nervous. I wish it was time now to start. Anyone have any ideas about getting a head start on our books or pre studying ? I am nervous and like to be ahead of the curve if possible. Also would love to start a study group. Have my appointment for titers Tuesday. Wi get that done. Also going to register for the free CPR at the tech center ASAP . Will also be starting my hep b series Tuesday so it is done by Sept ish. Getting on the ball. Lol anyhow what are you all doing to prepare. Also looking at starting a Facebook group that is only for Clinton. Township fall 2012 accepted students so we can communicate and share ideas. Seeing as we are a team now and no longer in competition with one another it might be a good resource for all of us. Thoughts ?
  8. by   chellehiller
    MISTY, I LOVE THAT IDEA. Please do start the facebook!

    Does anyone know if we can order our scrubs ahead of time or if we have to go through the school?

    I need to schedule my appts. Also, don't forget to mail back that you accept!!!

    So exciting!
  9. by   mistydbuffa
    I took mine and delivered it personally on Friday, lol. Didn't want to chance the mail losing it, and even got copies of it made, lol. I know, I am silly. If you want look me up on face book. Same user name, just take to d and replace it with a space. I think I am the only one. I will create the group as soon as I get home, I will call it something like Baker College CT Nursing - Fall 2012. When we go to orientation, we can share it with whoever want it. I LOVE THAT WE ARE A TEAM and not competing against each other anymore. That was difficult, because there were so many people I liked, but I didn't really become friends because I wanted to do the best, without feeling obligated to help a friend do well too. Ya know? Anyway I hope we all become really close. I know it helps to have friends that relate. Plus you can hang out and study and no one will call you a dork for reviewing flash cards are mind maps or going over care plans or self testing on dosing formulas because we will all understand. Lol. And we wouldn't have to sacrifice our social life completely because we will have each other.
  10. by   chellehiller
    i just requested you on facebook...chellenicole are you going to create a group page? let me know if you need help
  11. by   mistydbuffa
    I going to start on it in about 15 minutes or so. It should be done and up and running by 10. I would like to make you a moderator. Inbox me on th with some good ideas for general guidelines etc.
  12. by   chellehiller
    join our FB group!
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  13. by   mistydbuffa
    Awesome chelle!