Any St John/Moross Nurses or employees?

  1. Hello, just wondering if there were any St. John employees on-line here. If so, what is it that you like and dislike about the job and what type of position do you have and what unit?
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  3. by   HNursing
    I had been working for st. John many years. I usually love this hospital when I was volunteering over there. Now, I am working for them as a nurse. I really dislike it because people are not friendly to you. Nurses are mean and they like to talk behind your back. They have their own little group. They will like to talk to their manager in like a group supporting each other.
  4. by   deftonez188
    Your mileage will vary. It depends on who you are - St. John Macomb has a very low turnover rate. Also depends on what floor you work on, all around though, the environment in the St. John system in my opinion is better than some others i've been to.