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Hello! Are there any Everest Institute (Southfield Mi) grads out there? I am starting the lpn program May 11th :yeah:and I am looking to get some insight on how the program is and what to expect. ... Read More

  1. by   LaDora2008
    lala: Yeah i passed my Psb and wrote my essay the same day.. I got offered into the program for part-time however I couldnt do the program right now because I had a balance that wouldve been left over that was almost 6,000 and would have cost me 353/month for two yrs.. so now im doing the MA program right now with hope that once I finished I can find a job and get more credit for doing the MA
  2. by   lala's ma
    I got offer the part time program also but I really want lpn for Sept. 1 yr program. If I don't get accepted I probably will just go to another school. I would owe the same balance but my payments were not that high.
  3. by   mommak0810
    Hello all,

    I too was trying for the September program. 11 months sounded good to me. But, I have two kids, so I opted for the 2 year program. Not to mention, by doing the part-time program, it cut my out of pocket cost down from $7,000 to $650. Sounds a lot better to me! I went yesterday for my drug screening, and now I have to go for the finger printing. Class starts in a week and I still don't know whether or not I have been officially accepted. Kinda nervous and excited about it at the same time
  4. by   lala's ma
    What was your interview like? That interesting that you don't even know if you been officially accepted. I believe that you have been if class start next week do you know if the got enough people to fill that class or not?
  5. by   mommak0810
    The interview was ok. She asked me questions like where did I see myself in 5 years, and if I would have a support system to help me study with me having young children, stuff like that. She told me that the first day of class I will have to wear business casual until I get my uniforms, so I guess as long as my drug screening comes back ok ( which it will! ) that I will be accepted. I think a normal class size is about 35-40 but I am not entirely sure. That was one of the questions I wanted to ask while I was there, but I forgot what questions I had once I was in the interview, of course! I really wanted to do the 1 year program and be done sooner and be able to work. But, I guess I have to take a different route. Once I am done with this program, I plan on working and going back to school part-time to finish up my pre-reqs at the CC I was attending. I want to become an RN. The school I was attending has a 3 year waiting list for the Nursing program, and then 2 years in the program, that's 5 years! So, needless to say, I need to do something now, rather than in 5 years!
  6. by   lala's ma
    I know they were not completely full for part-time they asked me to join and told me I had a better chance of getting in because more people apply for Sept. but I am already in school and will not be done until the week before school starts at Everest. I agree with you. I have a daughter she is two. I did not want to be on a waitlist for 3 yrs. I want to start making some money before she gets to school. I have finished all of my pre-reqs at Schoolcraft but the waiting list was too long. I plan to go back to school to become a RN but I like the idea of the one year program because it's Mon- Fri no time for anything so I can stay focused.
  7. by   mommak0810
    I had called schoolcraft because they have the LPN program, but the waitlist was 3 years for that program too! I had orientation yesterday, we got our scrubs and books for the year, 16 in all! I got a call wednesday asking if I could come pick up my acceptance letter, and then I had fingerprinting yesterday before orientation. There seemed to be a lot of people there for the LPN, but we were mixed in with people for the MA and other programs for orientation, so I don't really know the exact count. I just got out of school in May, so I was really hoping to start in september to give myself some time off because I just had a baby in April. But, he a is good sleeper at night and an overall good baby, so I just decided to go for it.
  8. by   lala's ma
    What did you just graduate from in May? I am in school myself til the end of August at Schoolcraft that why I wanted to start in September. I don't want get out of the school life because I hear its hard to go back so that why I'm going back to back. Well since you finally got your acceptance letter CONGRATS!!! And good thing your baby is a good baby!!! Well best wishes in the LPN program.
  9. by   mommak0810
    I didn't graduate, I was working on my pre-reqs for the Nursing program at a CC. I have one more class, and the NET test to get on the waiting list, but I guess it will have to wait until after I graduate from the LPN program. And Thank You.
  10. by   MsAshley
    I noticed that no one has posted on this thread in quite some time and I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some information on the LPN program? I am hoping to start with the February batch. How long does it take for you to know if you are accepter or not? What are the hours? How do you like it? If anyone has graduated were you able to find a job after?
  11. by   mommak0810
    MsAshley - More than likely, if you pass the entrance testing and your drug and background check comes back ok, you will get in. I am in the part-time program which is in the evening. I will be finishing up level 2 in a few weeks. I really like the program so far. It is definitely a lot of work, but it is worth it. What else you like to know?
  12. by   MsAshley
    Thanks so much for responding!! I've passed the entrance exam and have done my packaging for financial aid so I'm thinking im in!! I was wondering how is the load there? Is there a lot of homework? Does class always last until 10?? Are you working while in the program? Im going to be working while in the program. Overall how do you like it?? Anything that you can tell me would be great!! Thanks so much!!
  13. by   TiffanyRoseRN
    Ms.Ashley, have you started the program yet? Are you going full time or part time? How do you like it? How is the work load? Do you like it? I start in may and i wonder how everything is. I have tried to find anyone who has graduated to tel me how it is.