Accepted to U.M. - Anyone else?

  1. Hi,

    Anyone else starting Fall 08 at U of M Ann Arbor for the Second Degree program?
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  3. by   parris
    Congratulations! I am not starting there but I am looking at that as a possibility for the future. Currently I am at MSU and I am not having much luck getting into the undergrad program. So I may finish up my BS and then apply to some second degree programs. Do you have any advice for applying? Can I ask you what your GPA was? Any suggestions would be great.
    Hope you enjoy yourself and good luck.
  4. by   UMichSCN07
    CONGRATS!! I know I'm not the only UM Second Career grad on here, but feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    Mike in Michigan
  5. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    Hi Cassey,
    Suggestions for applying:
    U.M. is starting a new procedure beginning Feb 08 - rolling admissions. So, the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll hear back. They will now have a waiting list. Applications should be ready to complete in January or February.

    You do not need to have all pre-reqs completed to apply or be accepted. I have two classes this semester (lifespan psych and microbiology), and biochem in the Winter 08 term. I thought that might keep me out, but I received my acceptance letter last week for Fall 08.

    U.M. currently still takes only one cohort per year for the Second Degree program - 48 students each September, but remember, they are running: 4 year BSN, RN to BSN, about 20 master's programs for RNs, CRNA, and several PhD programs for RNs.

    My GPA is high - on pre-reqs, all As and A-. A couple Bs on earlier classes. Check the list of pre-reqs and equivalents - it's on their website.

    Really nice people, very helpful on phone and in person. Feel free to email me anytime for anything. Good luck in your studies.
  6. by   skiernurse

    I applied there and have not heard anything from them yet. Do you think they would at least send you a letter if you don't get accepted?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep checking my mailbox!
  7. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    Why don't you call them and ask about it? I have no idea if they send out acceptances all at once or not. I just got a letter last Wednesday.

    Another way to check is to go to Wolverine Access, and type in your application id, and see if anything is posted there.

    I would think that they would send notices either way.

    Good luck. Let me know when you hear.

    Regards, Susan K
  8. by   Michigan Man 09
    Congrats! Make sure to check out Nursing Council and SNA information at the "T" when you are at the SON I'm in the four year traditional program, but feel free to PM/post any questions I might be able to answer.

    Go BLUE!

    Michigan Man 09
  9. by   Ms.RN
    Quote from susankathleen

    anyone else starting fall 08 at u of m ann arbor for the second degree program?

    has anyone applied to or in rn to bsn program? is it difficult to get into the program?