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Hi. Anyone in the Miami/ Ft Lauderdale area know which nursing programs are the least competitive aka easier to get into? I'm thinking that public schooling is out of the question because there are so many applicants. Say I wanted to apply to both Keiser and Miami-Dade, would the prereqs be the same and if not then does that mean I have to limit how many school I can apply to?


Some people do not recommend Keiser because they are all about profit. Miami Dade college on the other hand has the best nursing program in the state with a 92% passing rate. However, getting into the program is not that easy, there are great competition. There is also the Broward CC I've heard they have a good nursing program as well and you get more chances of getting accepted than at Miami Dade. Also, it has less pre- requisits. :)

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I agree, stay away from Keiser, they are only interested in your $$, they cater to students who are desperate and too impatient to get into the legitimate schools. While Miami Dade is a very good program in FL, stating that they are the best program in the state is conjecture, particularly when just citing a pass rate. Additionally, Miami Dade's NCLEX results for 2009 (2010 not out yet) as reported on the state's website places them at 87.12%. Fourteen other ADN programs across the state report higher NCLEX pass rates than this, and add to this some BSN programs and it falls lower on the list:

Isn't Miami Dade a public school anyway?

Thank you for you response! Yea, Miami Dade is a community college. The cost of the program is so affordable and I think that's part of the reason for its popularity. I heard from an insider that the nursing class isn't even all that great this year. I'd love to go to Barry or UM. I'm just trying to explore all of my options right now.

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