Miami dade community college GPA for nursing??

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Hello all,

This is the first time I post on this sight, so excuse me if If I'm doing it the wrong way.

I attend Miami Dade Community College.I have a 3.65 Cumulative GPA, and a 3.75 natural science avg.

I know 60% of the entrance is based on the TEAS now, but was wondering if 3.65 were being accepted before.

If any one has some info on this, PLEASE post.



It all depends on how competitive the GPA's of the other students who apply for the same cohort. Past cohorts traditionally have had acceptance GPA holding steady at 3.8 or 3.7 for MDC. Also, it depends on which tract you apply to also generic vs accelerated. Accelerated gpa tends to be lower but not by much because the majority seek accpetance into generic or part time

I recieved my acceptance letter with a 74% teas score and a 3.0 natural science GPA..However I applied for transitional and know its not as competitive as any other option.. but you will have a good shot

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a friend of mine just started there and he had a strong 3.8 & he was somewhere towards the middle to bottom of the acceptance group , its rough. GOOD LUCK :)

thanks guys!!

Does anyone know what the ave score on the Teas V was for the generic (full time) and/or accelerated options?

I do know someone with a gpa around that. Just do really good on the TEAS test. FYI if you end up doing the teas test a second time the questions are exactly the same and exactly in the same order.

Idk remember everybody's average but I think it was mid 80s I think. I know it was higher then 76 for sure. FYI I'm in the program and about to graduate

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Roso u might want to delete your post. I think it violates some TOS. By giving away information like that

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