MGH-IHP Direct Entry Program: Pros/cons


As you can see, I'm trying to choose nursing schools.

anyone currently enrolled in MGH-IHP or any graduates, what do you think of the program? What are its pros and cons?

In general, I've heard good things about the program, but I've also heard that the teachings tend to be very "MGH-centered" as in they teach you that the MGH-way is the only way to do things, is this true? and if so, is that bad?

Do you think that this program prepares you to be a nurse at other hospitals other than MGH?

Does anyone know the ratio of student: professor for the pre-RN internship and the post-RN-specialty (Master's part) internship?

Does the fact that MGH doesn't really have a "campus" affect the "school" feel of the program? Do you ever feel at a disadvantage because there's no real study center/library? Or is there one? Clearly, I don't know much about this program, please share!

Any input on what you love or hate or other comments of the program would be most helpful! Thank you!

leslie :-D

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i'd go to mgh-ihp in a heartbeat.

they're a well-established, prestigious, world-renowned facility.

according to the nsg curriculum, you go to other hospitals for your clinicals.

but mgh is known for the 'latest and greatest'.

best of everything.



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Hi ...

I'm a graduate of the MGH-IHP program. However,I was in the RN-MSN program. Most of the students are direct entry MSN students. From what I heard from the direct entry students is that the the RN portion was better that the post- RN portion of the program.

I believe most of the RN clinicals are in MGH, but the NP clinicals are in various settings..some are in MGH ..some outside of MGH.

As for the nursing practice being taught the MGH way? I'm not sure of that..Although I'm an NP now..I've been working as a staff nurse at MGH for almost 6 yrs now. MGH is so big..over 900 beds..multiple'll see various types of nursing practice depending on the floor culture, CNS..nurse manager.

As for the ratio..for students to depends on the what speaciality who are going for..the general nursing courses..the classes are bigger..but as your program wines down..the classes are small..more of a seminar format.

was the program good..some parts were good..some not so good...the professors for the most part are very helpful..they want you to succeed..I still keep in contact with some of them mentors..references.

the school is actually located in the Charlestown Navy Yard..which is kind of to the water..the library is located on the hosptial grounds..which is a great resource and quiet study space.


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Hi butch228,

Thanks for the reply. You mentioned that you're an NP now, and even though you weren't in the direct entry program, do you feel that your program at MGH prepared you to be the NP that you needed?

You mentioned there were some parts of the program that weren't great and some that were. What were those things?

(Thanks so much for all your input thus far, it's been MOST helpful!)


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I think the program prepared me well...I think the key is the clinical experience..if you have a good placement/preceptor..then you can learn alot. As for the classes..some were helpful..some not..I think it depended on the instructor..if the instructor still practices can tell right away...some instructors were academics/researchers..not so helpful (except in the world of research)

I didnt care for some of the online classes. Most of it was self-directed. I did like the classes at the end of the program..they were small..intimate in size.


My clinical placements

Most of the instructors/professors.

Most of my classmates ( some had really diverse backgrounds, alot of the direct entry students came from prestigious undergrad colleges)


Online classes

Adminstration Policies..redtape

the cost / useless textbooks.

the bottomline..grad school is not perfect...its what you make of prepared to jump thru lots of hoops to get what you want..which is a degree

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