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MGH IHP Direct Entry MSN Pros & Cons



I've heard nothing but GREAT things about MGH IHP but the glass-half-empty side of me is wondering if there are any cons to the program.

How's the quality of the preceptors the school sets up?

How's the job outlook after graduation? How long does it take new grads to find a job?

Do graduates feel prepared to practice as a NP as a new grad?

and any other pros/ cons you may have, I will greatly appreciate!

I am considering a move from CA to MA and want to make sure that my move is justified! I am aiming to work in CA after graduating, and I am aware that MGH IHP isn't well known but Massachusetts Generalist Hospital is!

Thanks in advance!

Anyone have anything to say here? Would love some insight!

I don't have any personal experience with the school, but I have a good friend who is graduate and she is v. happy with the education she got there, and feels she was well-prepared for entering practice.

I'm a graduate of the ABSN program at MGH and I was very pleased with all the clinical sites and preceptors. The majority of my rotations were at Mass General, but a lot of my colleagues also trained at Brigham and Women's, too. If you're looking to stay in the state, it's very competitive especially in the city - unless you have good connections or have worked as a CNA/MA you might have some difficulty but a lot of the graduates landed jobs a couple months after passing boards. I'm not sure how the job outlook is for NPs though.

Hope this helps!