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MGH BSN 2012

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Hi all! Anyone else out there apply for the MGH Accelerated BSN class starting in January of 2012? I've read that some people who were waitlisted for the cohort starting this month were offered spots in the Jan 2012 class, so I'm wondering how many people were offered and accepted that option... hopefully that doesn't cut down on the spots available too significantly. But, I also wonder if not as many people were aware they opened up this new class, so maybe fewer applicants?? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking :)

Anyone else out there apply for the MGH Accelerated BSN class starting in January of 2012?

I'm waiting to hear too. Do you have any idea when they are expected to let us know?

I'm on the waitlist for the class starting ... uh ... Monday?!? So, I've pretty much given up hope for that! They emailed me couple of weeks ago and offered to waive the application fee if I wanted to reapply for January 2012, while not giving up my waitlist spot. So, I said yes.

I was just on the MGHIHP website today and it stated that they are still accepting applications for the January 2012 cohort, even though the original application deadline was May 1. So, this makes me think that they haven't received that many applications for it. Wonder if maybe because not too many know about it yet? Hope that makes our chances better for getting accepted!! Good luck to everyone!! :clown:

I'm figuring that we'll start hearing decisions around early to mid-July? The website says 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline. Hopefully, they are still counting May 1 as that date, even though they are still accepting applications. I'm SO tired of waiting!!! :uhoh3:

I wonder if there's still a possibility they think someone just won't show up Monday and they'll offer you a spot?? That would be awesome, although I don't know how realistic it is to think you would be able to drop everything and start Monday. Seems like the type of thing you might have to plan just a little for :coollook:

Hmm I'm glad you pointed that out about the deadline, I don't think I would have noticed that! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if people are just not aware they are starting a new cohort. I'm thinking most people who applied for this May and did not get in wouldn't have any reason to go back to the MGHIHP website until they were starting to apply again for next Nov. The fact that they are still accepting apps really makes me think that they didn't get as many applicants as they were expecting, which hopefully is a really good thing for us. But on the other hand I REALLY hope they still let those of us who applied before original deadline know in July instead of dragging it out!

I called the admissions office yesterday (I received an email that they received all my app materials, but when I log in to the VIP area on their website it says they don't have my recommendations) but anyway I asked about their timeframe for letting people know and was told it probably would still be 8-10 weeks. He didn't mention the extended deadline at all. I didn't really expect a concrete answer but figured I'd ask anyway.

Good luck to everyone :D

Yeah, I've heard of that happening in the past - offering someone a place at the last minute. I actually have tried to "plan" as much as I can just in case. I've got all my immunizations up to date and taken my CPR class. My job is just per diem right now, so I can adjust that if needed. Anyway, I had a dream last night that they called me today at 6:30 pm. It's 1:30 right now, so I guess we'll see in five hours!! ;)

As far as straight answers from the admissions office, don't count on it. Although they are always very good about replying to emails, etc., their responses are just about as vague as they could possibly be. They don't give up much info at all!!

I'll keep you posted over the weekend ~~ good luck! Maybe we'll be in the same cohort together! :lol2:

Good luck to you too! Did you hear anything from them over the weekend?

Did you apply any where else? I got into Curry's ACCEL program that starts January 2011 as well. I am hoping that MGH will notify us before June 15, which is when the deposit is due for Curry. If I am so blessed as to get into both, it is going to be a tough decision. Have either of you heard anything negative about Curry's program?

I have my fingers crossed for all of us!


I applied as well for Jan. 2012. The only other place I've applied to was Simmons for the direct entry MSN program, but was rejected. I'm surprised they are still excepting applications past the due date. Do you think they will give priority to the ones on time? Also, I forget how many people they eventually accept. Does anyone know? Applying to these schools is all like a numbers game. How many apply to how many are accepted.

Good luck to everyone!

I also applied to a direct entry MSN program in Ohio, and was waitlisted. I've been told there is generally only one person on the wait list for each specialty, but it could be as late as mid summer before I know. From what I've read on this site, it seems like MGH accepts anywhere from 85-95 people for the ABSN program. I'd love to know how many applied for January!

The only information I've read about Curry's program has been on this website, but it seems to be well respected. I'm sure no matter which program you end up in you'll have a good experience :)


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Hi, I applied last November for the May 2011 cohort but was placed on the waitlist. They offered me an automatic slot for the January 2012 class so I took it. It was either take the spot or wait to see if I get in for May...I don't know how many people they offered this to and who did this option, but hopefully not too many for your sake :) Good luck to you all and maybe we will be future classmates!

What?! You're right!! They are still accepting applications?!?

I hope that works in my favor...

Wow...I didn't even realize this until I read this thread. I applied before May 1st and hope to find out between the 8-10 week time frame. Keeping my fingers crossed for positive and quick news!

Good luck to you too! Did you hear anything from them over the weekend?

Hi! Sorry I haven't been on a few days to reply. No, I didn't hear anything from them over the weekend. I did get an email on Tuesday, I think, that said that my application for Spring 2012 cohort was complete. I emailed back to ask about whether they were still using the May 1 deadline as the time from which they were counting the 8 to 10 week decision and they replied that "yes" we should hear within 8 to 10 weeks from May 1.

Here's hopin'!! Good luck!

I emailed back to ask about whether they were still using the May 1 deadline as the time from which they were counting the 8 to 10 week decision and they replied that "yes" we should hear within 8 to 10 weeks from May 1.

Well, at least we know notification deadlines are going to stay the same. June 26th, I have it marked on my calender.

I still wonder if they're still accepting applications.

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Hi, I just finished my first ACCEL semester at Curry and I love it. I think it is quite a bit cheaper than MGH, 38.5k vs. ?@MGH. You'll do your clinicals at the same hospitals, I'm starting at Beth Israel on Tue and the others are @ MGH. Then onto the Brigham and Children's for maternity and peds. So, good luck either way, but Curry is awesome!

Just wanted to join the thread! I am also waiting for a decision for the Jan 2012 cohort. I know applications decisions were made quickly, only 4 weeks for the may 2011 cohort. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Does anyone know if they are still accepting applications? I know that their site still says they are.

And they are still accepting applications. From what they've told me, they do not have a new deadline and it can close at anytime. I'm hoping it stays open for a lot longer :)