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MGH Accelerated BSN Summer 2016


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Hello, has anyone applied to MGH Accelerated BSN Summer 2016?

Hi! yes I just applied. Any idea how long the review process is?

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If I'm not mistaken, it takes 6-8 weeks from close of deadline

It's more like 10 weeks....prob by mid January.


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I applied around the beginning of Ocotber 2015. Just patiently waiting a response.

Hi, everyone. I'm new to this forum.

the week of 01/04/2016 makes 9 weeks.

Hopefullt we hear back next week!


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Hey everyone,

Just checking to see if anyone has started to hear anything from the school yet. My account online continues to say it's in the review process. Has the status changed for anyone yet?



Mine still says the same thing too. But I called and talked to someone yesterday and they said most likely by the end of the week!

Good luck everyone :)

Hey, Kara.

From what I've read in past threads, your status doesn't change. You'll get an email saying when your decision will be available, you'll click on it, and then see. That's what I was told in an email. I don't think that your status will change just yet, if at all.

I got in!!!

At 4:45, I got an email saying that my decision would be available at 5. I didn't notice that since I was on my way home, and I was out with my dog when I noticed the email. I saw it at 4:59. I ran into my house like a murderer was behind me, and I logged in. I'm in!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!


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I also got in!!!! Wahoo! I found out Friday night as well! Congrats!

Is anyone else kind of freaking out on how to pay for it??? Does anyone know of what kind of financial aid we can get I read online we can only get loans no grants


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I emailed the school for more information this afternoon. I'm going to assume it's all private loans though our banks but I'm not positive. Possibility I might be able to get it paid through work but I wanted to find out more information about the program first before I make any decisions on that part. If any one has any ideas or gets any new information please let me know. Thanks!


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I was waitlisted 😕

@sdk1908...Apply again! I had to reapply again when I didn't get off the waitlist. Also...there seems to be 2 forums for Mgh absn summer 2016.

I'm wondering as well.

I haven't filed the fafsa in years, so I'm not sure what to do. I haven't heard from financial aid yet.

I'm freaking out!!!

Because the accelerated program is a 2nd bachelors degree, we are only allowed to take out $12,500 every 2 semesters. ...so around 25,000 via student loans. The balance is wherever we can get our hands on it...private loans, beg, borrow, etc