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Does anyone know anything about nursing in Mexico? What are the requirements? Where can I find out?

You will need to have the RN after your name for immigration purposes. And speak fluent Spanish and be able to pass a language exam for that. You can contact the equivalent of their Board of Nursing in Mexico City for the specifics that you will need to have.


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this is the link to the general commmite of professionals in mexico city that suzanne4 just told you.


you need to look for the " to register professional diploma and professional license. for foreigners with professional studies in other countries."

registro de título profesional y expedición de cédula

extranjeros con estudios en el extranjero"

this other link is from the education secretary


there, you will find all the requirements to validate your profesional credentials and have a nursing license.

in this link you will find the language requirements


nursing in mexico is somehow different to nursing in usa because we have medical doctors, premedicine students and residents 24/7 ,so we kind of compete with them in our nursing assessments and in some areas they want to performe some nursing procedure " for the sake of them getting "hand-on practice" .

salary range from 500 usd a month to 1500 usd a month at public health facilities.but in private practice salaries can go from 300 usd a month to the sky is the limit specially if you work for a plastic surgeon whose patients are mostly from abroad.

living expenses are higher than usa and gas prices are quite raising like in america.

good luck and keep us updated.


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