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Can anyone tell me the prereqs? I see 7 classes on their website and a hesi test... after that is complete do you get in the nursing program for the next two years and get the BSN or are there more prereqs required? If anyone could let me know that would be greatly appreciated

There are only 7 prerequisites. A&p 1, a&p 2, statistics, microbiology, pathopysiology, psychology of human development, and intro to nutrition. You have to take biology 1, a&p1, a&p2, and pathopysiology in sequence. Then you need to take chemistry 1 to take microbiology and intro to psych for human development. They have a progression plan on their website and also a ranking criteria. They rank you off of your gpa for prerequisites, your hesi score, certifications and experience, and whether or not you took credits at metro.


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MSU is probably one of the hardest nursing schools to get into in Colorado because they accept only 24 students every year from an average of 160 applicants. I see people talking about gpa, and I believe they are only referring to the required gpa for the nursing program. MSU calculate only the gpa for your A&P I and II, Gen Micro Biology, Pathophysiology, Intro to Stats, Psy-Human Dev, and Nutrition. The max points you can get from these classes is 6 from 3.75 to 4.0 gpa. The subsequent acceptable points is 5 from 3.5 to 3.74 gpa.

MSU credits of 30-59 gets you 1 point, and 60+ gets you 2 points. Hesi of 94% to 100% gives you 4 points, 87% to 93% gives you 3 points, 250hrs of CNA or LPN gives you 2 points, and CNA, LPN, EMT, and Med assist employment certification gives you 1 point. The max points you can get from healthcare employment and experience is 2 points. Health care certification/License gives you 1 point.

Chances of getting into the program ranges from 12 points to 15 points. The max points you can get without prior credits at MSU is 13 points, which is very good. The subsequent points that could get you in without MSU credits is 12 points-your chances in this range depends on the number of applicants and their scores. This information was derived from a reliable source at MSU. Students with B's should forget about applying at MSU Traditional Nursing Option program, you have no chance at all, except miracle from above sets in. I hope this helps!