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Hi, so I recently just got accepted for the Spring 2011 Cohort for the Accelerated nursing option at Metropolitan School of Denver. I was wondering where should I find housing at? And would I need a car for clinicals? I am from California and I have no clue as to where to begin... and the Spring cohort starts in 2 months!!

Also could you please share your experiences with the school if you are a graduating class..

I also noticed that the school is up for accreditation again from NLNAC... and has anyone heard about the status on that?

Thank you so much!!! :lol2:

Not sure about housing but I am sure you will need a car for clinicals. Students in the metro area travel alot to get clinicals and you for sure can't count on buses to get you where you need to be at the time you need to be there. Good luck and welcome to Colo!

Thank you!!

I just don't know where to start... the website doesn't list much on the Metro State website.... and i only have two months to do everything!!!

Do a google search for "auraria campus housing" and you'll find several options. You do need a car.

As for the accreditation, the faculty told us that the people who did the site visit said they are recommending reaccreditation. They'll get the official word in April.

Oh thanks so much, that's very helpful. Are u currently attending Metro State? Where are the clincials at and how is the experience of the nursing program going for you?

Yes, I'm in the current class. The clinicals are all over the metro area. Overall, it's been a very good experience. There have been some bumps in the road, but they really want you to do well and succeed. Ultimately it's like anything else - you'll get out of it what you put into it.

i was looking at some apartments near the Capitol. Do u think that those are good places to live? I have never driven in the snow before, and am coming from out-of-state. How should I dress for winter? And are the bus transportation good? I don't mind leaving an hour before class starts to wait for the bus. But I will drive to clinicals. I'm trying to do as much to save the air :)

Yes, that's a nice area to live. The buses from there to campus are very convenient. One of the school fees lets you ride the buses and light rail for free (aside from the fee).

And bring your warm clothes for the winter :) It can get pretty cold, although it's usually sunny.

I'm so glad that you're good at replying back!

It makes the transition there a little bit easier.

I was thinking of taking a martial arts class at Metro, but I'm not sure if my first semester schedule would allow me.... I wonder if clinicals start the first semester or not because that would really change up my schedule.

I read that this used to be a 13 month program but now it is a 17 month program, so I'm sure there's been a lot of changes and like you said "bumps in the road".

I really hope that I could take a martial arts course though....

I am going to bring lots of winter clothes! I already know i will be cold !! :D

Overall, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming experience.

It will be tough to fit the martial arts class in. There are a ton of labs the first half of the semester and then the nursing home clinical is in the second half. It's only 6 days, but you're not going to know the schedule until shortly before it starts.

aww thanks.

yea i was looking at the ANO courses listing for Spring 2011... and there were a few labs listed. I wasn't sure if I am going to enroll for all of them or not. hopefully I could somehow fit it in my schedule.

Sucks because I'm having trouble doing my online orientation and can't enroll for pathophysiology. I need to call the Orientation office again for the third time!!!!

How far are u on the program?

The schedule in the course listings isn't accurate, so don't make any plans based on that. You'll get the full schedule at orientation.

We're in third semester and we finish in May.

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