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Metric conversion on teas

hey guys ill be taking my teas test in 2 weeks and really need help with metric conversion. i've already picked up a study guide by McGraw-Hill's(Nursing School Entrance Exams) because i cant afford the ATI. its a decent book, but not much help on metric. im pretty good with math up to algebra, but real sh!tty when it comes to metrics.

can anyone tell me how the metric questions will look like on the teas? will they be set up as word problems? U.S. to Metric, vise versa? etc..

any helpful links with explanation on how to set up and solve the equation?

btw i've already been provisionally accepted for spring 09 given that i pass the teas with a 67% overall. i know that may sound low to some of you, but i am only average when it comes to english/reading. i already know ill do bad on the science like everyone else.

There was not enough metric on the teas to worry about, mine had maybe three on it. Mine did have ml and kilo ?'s.

The best way to take the teas is, as you go through each section answer what you know, and then go back and answer the other questions, or guess at them ( blank answers count as wrong). This way, you will get the chance to answer more questions and get more correct. It also takes the timing stress away a bit. I know many people who timed out on the math and science portions, and did not pass.

good luck:nurse:

GN Dave

Has 10 years experience.

Know your basic conversions, like 1lb = 2.2K, or 30ml = 1 oz... if you know the basics you will be fine with teas...

i am a new member to the forum, i have been lurking around for a longtime. i am trying to locate the sticky that had a linked to math websites. thanks:wink2:

I breezed through all of the sections except math. There were only 2 minutes left when I finished all of the problems. Be sure to practice your math without a calculator. The main metric I remember was the pound/kilogram. I think I had two of those.

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