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Anyone expressing interest in the accelerated BSN program at Methodist College of Nursing? I am going to an open house in August. Just seeing if anyone else has interest in becoming a nurse through this program.



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Yes I am interested in the program also. Have you heard anything about there program in general? Do you know what there average transfer GPA is? Is the nursing program good, and do most of there students graduate? Just wanted to know if anyone has heard anything?

I plan to go to the information session also.


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The first class won't start until January 2010, not scheduled to graduate until summer 2011. So no idea on graduation rates specifically for the accelerated program. The program is not a transfer program, as one already has a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field. The college is accredited and known in the area.I will definitely be going to one of the information sessions in August. Glad to see there are others interested in the program. I am concerned that the 1st semester with 18 credits is alot compared to the schedules of the other semesters (seriously... 10 credits in the last semester... they can't average out the semesters a bit more? I will be inquiring about this in August). Glad that an accelerated program has come to Peoria so one does not have to drive to Normal or Rock Island for a 2nd degree program. I'm not sure when I want to start, either fall 2010 or spring 2011 (due to personal commitments... pre-reqs will be done in time to start in fall 2010... just wish I was ready to start in January!) Hope to stay in touch!


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Thanks for the info. I plan to go to the second information session which is at the end of August. If you go to the first one please tell me all about it. I am very interested in the course load the first semester.


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Methodist has this program but I thought OSF did also. As to the disparity in credit hours, I would guess it has to do with the amt of hours you will be getting in clinical.


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Just wanted to touch bases with you. Do you still plan to go to the information session on Tuesday Aug. 4th at MCON? I will not be able to attend that one, but if you go I would like to contact you on Tuesday night to get info. and find out what they were talking about. Let me know if you are going?



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Hi just wanted to find out if you went to the information session at Methodist College of Nursing...If so could you email me the information and let me know what was said?? I am so excited. Hate that I was not able to attend this one.

Thanks for the info.


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Did you ever go to the information session at Methodist College of Nursing?


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Hi Vanasd,

I was accepted to the Methodist College of Nursing 2nd degree BSN program for fall 2010. Have you already started the program or been accepted as well? Just wanted to know if you or anyone else here has any advice to incoming students. Thanks. :rolleyes:

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