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Mercer/GBCON Fall 2013


I know the application period isn't over until 1 May, but I was just wondering if anyone here applied for the upcoming term. :) I sent in my application last week--don't tell me I'm the only one who has to wait with baited breath here!

I applied a few weeks ago also. Have you heard anything from them yet?

I also applied and am waiting to hear back.

I heard from them a couple days after my post, I got in :)

I heard from them a couple days after my post, I got in :)

Do you mind sharing your stats?

I was actually accepted back in April :) I had a 3.6 overall GPA, 3.8 science GPA, and 90 on TEAS.

meeep, BSN, RN

Specializes in Psychiatry. Has 5 years experience.

Is there anyone planning on attending the Macon campus? Was hoping to get some info since the program there is fairly new. Everything on the website seems more geared toward Atl.

Hi, I'm new to this site. I found out I was accepted to to GBCON's program last week. Is anyone planning to attend the orientation on July 11th?

I'm actually attending the Atlanta campus, but I went to the May orientation already. It is very intense!

Oh ok, I am attending the Atlanta campus also. i'm attending in July because I live in Michigan but will be moving to Georgia this summer. Did they say what color scrubs we will be wearing or do they provide them? I am soooo anxious and excited to start, I can't wait!

You will fit for scrubs at orientation. They are provided by Mercer--grey with orange trim and a white coat with the school name embroidered on it. Congrats on getting in! :) Orientation was a little scary, but I love the camaraderie between the rising seniors and the incoming nursing class. The faculty also seems wonderful.

Edit: the scrubs + coat cost me $84 and some change. I chose the elastic bottoms, but draw string bottoms are more expensive.

Thanks for the info and congrats to you too! Wow better take a lot of dough huh!?!

No kidding! You also have the option of buying a stethoscope at orientation and will need to pay $8 for your nametag. I didn't buy a stethoscope through the school, but I believe they were around $110? I bought mine online for $80.