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Mental Retardation

by Edmunds Edmunds (New) New

I'm trying to find colleagues out there that work with the mentally retarded. Is there anybody out there? I'm looking for information regarding case management in this field.


There is a mailing list for UK based learning disability nurse that you could try asking on.

Details http://www.onelist.com/community/RNLDs

I realise you are (probably) not in the UK but some of the issues are going to be the same as we are both working with the same client group, (although we are using different terminology to each other)



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In our State (KS), MR clients are eligible for a waiver called MRDD (mentally retarded, developmentally delayed) waiver through Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). Do a net search for HCBS and your state and you might find out what your state's terminology for these programs. Anyhow, these clients get case management services through the Community Developmental Delay Organizations (CDDO's). These CM's are not typically nurses, though I have known them to be at times. Pay is below usual nursing pay.

I performed case management for medically complex children through an agency that sub-contracted with our state agency. Again, I would guess that this is handled a little differently in every state, too, but the emphasis on this job was the technical complexity.

Good luck.

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