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Mental Health Nursing

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Hi everyone,

I am currently living in the UK and in the process of deciding which career path to go down with regards my degree course. I have a keen interest in Mental Health nursing. Is there a direct equivalent role in Canada?

I may (hopefully) try and emigrate to Canada at some point in the coming years.

Question is, am I better off undertaking my Nursing (Adult) degree and specialising later or doing my Nursing (Mental Health) degree and hopefully moving over to Canada and being successfully assessed moving directly into Mental Health nursing?

I suppose the bottom line is will doing the Nursing (Mental Health) degree be a hindrance if I do decide to try and move to Canada?

Many thanks


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You need to be aware that Canada is general trained where as the UK is specialist trained therefore you need to discuss with the university that you do both clinical and theory in Mental health, Paeds, Obstetrics as well as general adult (they may not accommodate you as they are training you for the UK not overseas). Would also recommend you do general adult as not many provinces will accept RMN, a lot will depend on which province you want to live and work


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Western Canada has Registered Psychiatric Nurses. A separate education entirely from the "usual" RN course.




Manitoba also recognizes the training. I think they are going over to a four year degree in most provinces now.

If these are provinces you are planning on migrating to (and there is way more to Canada than just Ontario) try contacting the appropriate governing body.