Shadowing as a good way to find out about nursing as a career

  1. I am considering a mid-career change to nursing, and know that reading and talking to others is not going to be enough for me.

    I am interested in science, like working with my hands, have high tolerance/empathy and lots of compassion, feel best when I am in a helping role, and like problem-solving, so nursing does seem like a great fit for me. But...I really think that either some type of volunteer work or shadowing of current professionals is necessary. Anybody out there tried these or other approaches as a way to help them make their own decision about nursing?

    thanks folks!
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  3. by   Larry77
    Shadowing might be difficult to do because of the would have to get a background check and even possibly a drug test depending on the facility.

    You would probably have an easier time shadowing either at a clinic, nursing home, or small hospital. But if you wanted to volunteer that might work, to at least see what it's like to be in the hospital setting. I wouldn't think you would see what a "day in the life" of a nurse is though (as a volunteer).

    You could become a nursing assistant in a two week course than you would see exactly what it's like to work as a nurse working along side one, plus most programs nowadays want some kind of experience in the field.

    I work on a surgical floor and love it more than any other job I've had. My pt's are not usually sick and get better fast and go home which makes my work very rewarding. I would recommend this profession to anyone who likes to display compassion on a daily basis. Yes it is a high stress job but it is also one of the most rewarding out there.

    Good luck Matt,
  4. by   Thunderwolf
    Check with your nearest hospitals to see what shadowing or volunteering services they can offer to help you. Inform them of your genuine interest to learn if nursing is the right field for you. But be mindful, the field is broad. You may also consider what type/specialty of nursing interests you the most as well. There are always options.

    Wish you the best.