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  1. by   apollo18
    howdy y'all from wyoming.

    just received my rn license on june 25th. started in the medical field 5 years ago as a cna and climbed the ladder. nice view from up here, btw.

    i'm one of 2 xy nurses where i work, so i'm glad to see this forum for the comraderie.


    between stimulus and response there is a space. in that space is our power to choose our response. in our response lies our growth and our freedom. - viktor e. frankl
  2. by   ClockworkOrange
    Hi guys!

    New RN here - just moved to North Florida and working in a NSICU (where men are not underrepresented) - what a learning curve! Love it though. So who else thinks scrub pants with zippers in the front are a GREAT idea after years of having to do without that zipper fly? :chuckle

  3. by   NexLvlDad
    Buffalo wings on the way, pass me that cold one.

    Who here is sick of sea-foam green and other pastel colors painted on hospital walls?
  4. by   7felix
    Hello, I just found this site, and think it's great. Been work 8+ years in the float pool of a smaller hospital. Graduated in 2000 with my Bachelor of Nursing Degree.
  5. by   mrsituation
    Hey!! How y'all doing? I am here to join in with the rest of "The Thunderin' Herd"... LOL!!
  6. by   Thunderwolf
    Welcome to the herd! and all!
  7. by   7daysatsea
    I'm taking the last bit of my prerequisites for applying to Nursing School in Fall 2009. My GPA was low when I first decided to make the career change in 2007. I get a recalculation after the Fall 2008 semester. And I'm male. Currently working as a CNA weekends at a longterm care facility and one week day at home health. Glad to have found this board!
  8. by   dialysisguy
    have an RN and a penis... life is good!

  9. by   jeiarneesi
    lvn grad soon to take boards here !

    damn im scared ha
  10. by   dynoboy
    Brand new here, just made the decision to head back to school. Looks like a few semesters of pre req courses and then crossing my fingers. Haven't felt this good about the future in a long time. Professional river guide getting out of the rat race.
  11. by   bigredrn57
    I gave up on agency nursing and am about to return as a CVICU-Stepdown staff nurse. Now if I can just put up with BS. Wish me luck.
  12. by   FrankTheTank_RN
    Male = 42 years;
    RN = 3 months;
    Picking my own color scrubs (with fly openings) and finding XL gloves on the unit = priceless.

    RN working in the ICU at the VA Medical Center... serving those who served for us.
  13. by   sean5732
    Just signing on to this forum. Gearing up for the NCLEX.
    M-41, hoping to get out of PA with passing the NCLEX!