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  1. by   socalpca
    33-year old guy, married 7.5 years, daughter 10 months, graduated nursing school June 2006, passed boards June 2007, currently working in Medical-Oncology.
  2. by   Theogift
    Hi, Theodore here, 43 y/o just received my LPN II in Pueblo and started the ADN program last month.
  3. by   nghtfltguy
    imma male nurse/med student and damn proud of it!!!

  4. by   Bill E. Rubin
    Karl here, age 45 (soon to be 46!) and almost finished with my third semester of an accelerated BSN program at Curry College which is near Boston. I graduate, God willing, in May of 2008. First degree a BS in Agricultural Engineering, and worked 20 years as a software engineer. I still do software consulting to try to help minimize the burgeoning debt that being a full-time student while having life expenses and responsibilities causes. In addition, I work as a PCA (Patient Care Associate -- otherwise known as a nurse's aide) in a med-surg (mostly surgical) unit. I love my fellow nurses and PCA's. I'm the only male on the unit (save people who float there, MD's, PT's, OT's, etc). So far, the only drawback to that has been that there is sometimes an absence of large gloves in the rooms.
  5. by   gary62_1
    Hey fellow male nurses, I was looking for an "introduce yourself thread" but couldn't find one and thought this was a suitable place, if I'm wrong, my apologies.

    My name is Chris, I'm an E.R. nurse and have been for over a year now. I graduated in 2007 and started immediately in the E.R. During nursing school I worked on a post surgical unit and the E.R. I did my preceptorship in surgical intensive care.

    I'm an owner of another large nursing forum, but will not name such group as it irritates me when people advertise their group on my group as well. It's just disrespectful in my opinion.

    I was in law enforcement for seven years before choosing nursing as I've come to find out is not uncommon.

    Well, I'm glad to be part of such a nice group of guys! I'm glad to see there are many more male nurses in the world than I thought, we're a growing population.

    I'm sure I'll get to meet each and everyone of you in the forums eventually. If I don't, feel free to contact me anytime for any questions.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all,
    RN, Emergency Services
    Atlanta, Georgia
  6. by   tferdaise
    Howdy all....

    46, been in the healthcare field now 10+ yrs, I'm currently an LPN and in the Univeristy of Phoenixs LPN to BSN program, goal is to sit at the head of the bed (CRNA.) Currently I'm working in a Med/Onc floor at a level one Hospital. I really do enjoy working with my coworkers, there are only 3 male nurses on the floor I'm one, 2 on days, 1 at night.

  7. by   DaBigD
    Thank god for this forum...I was having to check my cup size daily after work d/t all the estrogen I am surrounded by!!!! I was almost up to a 52C!!!
  8. by   vballz
    Quote from Tweety
    Any male nurse's out there??????????
    I'm a nursing student, will (hopefully) graduate in 5 semesters, June 2009.
  9. by   tferdaise
    Congrats, its tough, when I got my LPN I was working a full time job, now I'm back working on my LPN to BSN and working full time again, its tough but well worth it.

    Quote from vballz
    I'm a nursing student, will (hopefully) graduate in 5 semesters, June 2009.
  10. by   juniataemt06
    hello all. I am a new member this site. It seems like there's a lot of information on it that will prove very useful to me. I will be starting an accelerated BSN program this fall at Drexel Univ. in Philadelphia. I have a bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Right now I'm finishing up my prerequisite classes needed to start program. Can't wait to begin. . .
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  11. by   4fill
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  12. by   Stringer
    OK. I'll admit it in case it's not obvious from text. Go Team Testosterone!

    This serves as my intro post to allnurses. My areas of experience list would best not be aired here. Critical Care areas dominate, I guess.

    There weren't many of us when I came off the assembly line. Now I'm way down the line on the hamburger end of the nurse grinder; well done, consumed...doggy bag. Ah well, so much for the humor part of my program.

    Great to see this community of men.

  13. by   RNdude77
    Hi guys,
    I have been a LPN for 5yrs and just picked up my ADN, last may. Due to some family issues was not able to take boards right after graduation. Iam getting ready to go do the nclex soon, any advice anyone can give me is welcome.