Nursing Shoes for Males

  1. Greetings!

    Dedicated CNA here needing to replace his worn out pair of New Balance walking shoes. I was thinking about just getting another similar pair, but I have the feeling there's probably better shoes out there. I bought the New Balances specifically because they were white (required at the time) and had an all-leather exterior (easy for wiping / cleaning). But here's the thing -- nowadays they don't necessarily have to be white (though traditionally feminine colours are a plus) and the number of times I've had to wipe foreign material (feces, vomit, etc) from my shoes has (fortunately so far to this point crossing fingers) been zero. So my thought was maybe get something that breathes better? But in my previous experience, finding good nursing shoes in male sizes is tough.

    So I'm looking for recommendations. Your advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   SouthpawRN
    covered pretty good in this thread Good shoes for MEN

    Shop | Lugz
  4. by   Isakolistic
    Most nursing shoes look pretty nasty to me. I'm not a super picky guy, but I would prefer shoes that don't look like clogs. I just use comfortable running/training shoes with good support. I currently have a nice pair of Nike running shoes that have served me well. I'd say just find a comfortable pair and worry about the cleanliness/look later.
  5. by   fello
    I've always had good luck with Nike air or shoxx. Just make sure the top surface isn't mesh. I once had a patients blood drip straight through onto my sock. It was so warm!!!
  6. by   phiir
    I have four pairs of Asics and cycle through them
  7. by   Accolay
    I wear "old man" walking shoes-new balance or nikes. They are comfortable, last until they need to be replaced, they're about 60 bucks per pair and the material lends itself to wiping off any unmentionable fluids.
  8. by   tacticool
    Merrell Moab Ventilators.
  9. by   Orca
    New Balance has been my go-to for years. I need a wide width shoe, and I was put onto NB years ago when I went into a Nike store and they had none. The sales person suggested NB, and I have been buying them ever since. Fello's suggestion of Nike Air is a good one as well - although I can't always find the width that I need (they now make a wide width shoe).
  10. by   PeeWeeQ
    I used to read meters for a living (13 years)--walking and walking for up to 7 hours per day. On top of it, I have some of the flattest feet you've ever seen--I am no stranger to plantar fasciitis.

    Of course I wear orthotics, but, the best shoes I've ever worn are Merrells. Yes, they are expensive, but, they are like walking on little pillows of heaven. They are VERY comfy, very tough, and come in all kinds of styles and colors these days. Everyone is different, of course, but, my Merrells have always served me well. Oh, and the company stands by their product as well...