NP or Physician for men?

  1. Just wondering. Should I go for NP or Physician? I'm 19 years old and have all the time in the world. Sorta not really. I wanna work with patients. Which profession works with patients more often? Money is not the answer. I have plenty to go around without either one of these professions.
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  3. by   Accolay
    Depends on what kind of MD or NP you are and where you work. Perhaps volunteer to gain perspective on what these professions do?

    What in your experience has revealed that you want to work with patients? How do you know?
  4. by   ImTheCuteBoyNursesLove
    No experience on my hands. I'm a YouTuber and I help people with hot rods around the United States. I generally love working with people. Aside from my engineering skills I love studying human anatomy and have a big interest in the medical field. I would love to work with people in the medical field and help fix their health problems.
  5. by   Accolay
    It's a big jump from helping with hot rods and having an interest in human anatomy to helping people with themselves when they are at their absolute worst.

    Maybe try working as a nursing assistant before you go all in.
  6. by   ImTheCuteBoyNursesLove
    I wanted to be a doctor since I was 7.
  7. by   Alex Egan
    If you are a nurse than become a nurse practitioner. If you are not a nurse get on the medical track if that is what you want to do. NP is not a shortcut, you will still need a doctorate degree and year of critical care experience. Your path is more direct and earning power is better with the medical route, as opposed the nursing route.

    All that said... this is my general knowledge. I am not an NP/MD/DO. I don't even play one on tv
  8. by   ImTheCuteBoyNursesLove
    I'm also looking for advice about the time I will have for family? Do doctors work longer and have less fredom?
  9. by   elkpark
    What does your gender have to do with the question?
  10. by   ImTheCuteBoyNursesLove
    None, it means I'm a male who wants to be a doctor or NP.
  11. by   Farawyn
    Go to school and talk to someone there. Undergrad Bio.Good luck.
  12. by   ImTheCuteBoyNursesLove
    What do you mean undergrad bio?
  13. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yeah if you are 19 I'd advise being a doc. Money may not be "the answer" but in my experience more is better. In both positions you get to help folks and your hours (besides residency or NP school) are position defendant which you pick
  14. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I also don't know what gender has to do with this question