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Hey guys, I am a BSN student looking into Navy Nursing. I just talked to a Navy Medical Recruiter who sent me the Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) application. There are a lot of forms to fill so I... Read More

  1. by   HM2Doc
    You have to be "within standards" when you apply for the program. As part of the application process they will give you a full physical and it is very thorough - height & weight, blood work, ekg, vision, hearing, head to toe assessment, etc, etc. So, you will need to be an acceptable weight for your height during the physical exam. However, they do not conduct a physical readiness test as part of the physical exam or application process. That means you do not need to pass the run, push ups, and sit-ups until after you graduate and report to ODS (officer bootcamp).

    You stated that you are preparing for all of this and could "use two years". I'm assuming, and it may be an incorrect assumption, that you are not close to being "Navy fit" if you need two years. If you are noticeably "out of standards" you recruiter may not even start the application process until you get closer to being within standards. So get with a recruiter as soon as possible to see what he/she says.

    On another note, I'd also like to point out that medications can instantly disqualify you. A lot of people don't know this when they go into the physical exam, and I personally know a VERY qualified girl who was disqualified because she was prescribed Adderall a year or so before she took her physical. She was disqualified even though she didn't take it anymore (if you are being prescribed it, they assume you are taking it). So, taking certain medications can disqualify you for an ENTIRE year, at which point you have to redo the physical exam.
  2. by   double_minority
    I appreciate the response HM2! No, I am not Navy fit now and could actually use the two years of exercising, BSN studying and RN working. Ya know it's that nobody's perfect thing but gotcha on the health recruiter tip, the actual best source along with us guys.

    I'd really love to get my foot in the door as early as I can.
  3. by   MForero94
    just checking if my accounts working
  4. by   Scotzman
    HM2DOC: would you mind sending me an email-the medical recruiter here in San Diego doesnt like to return calls I guess and I had some questions about the package.
    Thanks shipmate
  5. by   FirstLady007
    Glad I found this thread. Separated from the navy back in 1999. Now I'm ready to return and pick up that dream of becoming a naval nurse. Being that I'm putting together a college plan, the only way I can return is to become a OR ( most critical )Nurse. With starting at 44, I need a fast track to save time. With 10 active duty years, my age will be rolled back when I complete my BSN. Cause non-prior service must commissioned by 42 and be able to retire at 62. The rollback will help A LOT !!! With time ticking, I need to fast track and get an LPN and that way I can get my license. Did I mention that I will still be working full time?! Yeah! My plate is full. However, the sea is calling my name and I must answer! I've looked and talked to nurse recruiters and hopefully I can make it. Looking for an online LPN course at the moment.. Good luck everybody on your packages!!!
  6. by   Faith247

    How long do you stay in Portsmouth after you graduate? I am engaged and from VA and I would like to know if they will send me to another location after I graduate. I don't know much about the program but I spoke with a recruiter yesterday. I've also heard that you get a choice where they will send you after you go to portsmouth, bethesda or san diego. Please help.... anyone!
  7. by   RN_MEDIC
    The Navy Nurse Corps has to have a lot of promising and rewarding opportunities for career growth and it is certain you will be able to see and experience a lot if you decide to pursue that route. Military educations and experience are well respected and should be for the sheer level of discipline the typical military nurse displays. Hope you choose the best path and I hope the best in your scholastic and career endeavors!
  8. by   kumel
    Hi All,
    I could use some help with my questions. First, I have been reading as much as I could from threads and questions people posted, but I have not found anything related to Second Degree Nursing Program and NCP related stuff.
    Here is my situation. I got accepted into an accelerated BSN program in Pittsburgh. I am also a prior service Navy for 4 years. My questions are:
    1. How do you apply to NCP as a second-degree nursing student? Any knowledge or experience about this is welcome to comment.
    2. Can I do reserve instead active duty?
    3.My program starts in August'16 and It's a 15-month program, thus I will graduate in November'17.
    4. I would like to express my gratitude for reading this post and share your knowledge or experience going through the application process as a second-degree student.

    Thank you all!
  9. by   NCPNAVY
    Here you go. he will help you out
  10. by   DomoniqueH
    Do they look at all of your transcripts or just your current nursing school transcripts?
  11. by   DomoniqueH
    Is it the GPA you have while in your nursing program or your entire college history. For example. Ive been to 3 different schools, didn't do well until I started nursing school. So I'm worried that my GPA from grades dcvd prior to me starting nursing school would bring me below a 3.0