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  1. I recently moved to the Nashville area so my wife could stay close to her family. The only difficult part is that I am now in an area where I know nearly no one and being a male nurse, I find it even more difficult to find other guy to hang out with. I'm hoping to find a community of other guys in the nursing field who are interested in hanging out, discussing things that male nurses face, and mainly a support in a profession that doesn't always have the reputation of being guy friendly. Don't get me wrong, I love being a nurse. I truly feel that I was called to this line of work. I just find it tough sometimes being in a new city and not having the support of my male friends back home (most of the people I have met here have been through my wife). Any help or advice would be greatly welcomed.
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  3. by   cutehumor
    another male Nashville nurse here, I moved here about two years ago for my wife to go to nursing school here. Plus, her family lives an hour away. I'm the only male on my floor at night so I know what you mean. which hospital are you at?
  4. by   vertigo1022
    Working at Williamson County Medical Center right now. Nice smaller hospital but we are growing a lot. I'm here primarily because it is closer to where we live and to my wife's parents. Having them close is incredibly helpfull given we have a 6 month old. I got my start at Vanderbilt in the Burn Center. I miss that place in many ways but the drive was just becoming too much. How about you? How are you adjusting to the Nashville area? I too am the only male nurse on my floor. Actually the only male period. I'm pretty used to it, though but it has it's ups and downs.
  5. by   CainRN
    I'm hoping to move to Nashville soon. How was Vanderbilt? I've heard good things, but there are always two sides. Also, do you know any good areas to live in Nashville? I've heard Brentwood is nice, but expensive. I'd love to be within walking distance of Vandy.
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  6. by   Thunderwolf
    See, matter how big the world may appear at times....there are indeed pals in the wings searching for the same thing. Good going, cutehumor and just made vertigo1022's world just a bit more smaller and much more the friendlier. Hope you guys meet some day.

    Best wishes.

  7. by   vertigo1022
    Vanderbilt was a great place to learn. The hospital is state of the art and the physicians are some of the best around. On top of that with it being a teaching hospital, you have the opportunity to really work in close proximity to the new residents. I truly miss being there. The flip side is that they really don't pay as much as other area hospitals ($18/hr for new nurses starting). Also if you are looking for something close to the hospital it can be expensive too. That area of town is pretty high and so is Brentwood. East Nashville is a little better price range for homes but there are also a lot of places around Nashville. The area is great for things to do and the schools are good if you have kids. Hope that helps.
  8. by   CainRN
    Thanks for the advice. I am hoping to pick up one of the new grad internships at Vanderbilt. At his point, the pay isn't my highest priority. I just want a good first job experience. I don't have any kids and am not married, so I hope the single scene is decent. I'm sure it is though.
  9. by   vertigo1022
    The new grad internships are excellent. There is one in cardiac and also an incredible one in Peds if you like kids. Don't know too much about the single scene other than from word of mouth, and from what I hear there a lot of cool clubs and music venues. Also have a NFL and NHL team if you are into sports. Hope you enjoy the area.
  10. by   CainRN
    Yeah, the cardiac and ER internships piqued my interest. I have the goal of eventually working as a flight nurse, so either one seems like a wise choice for a first position. Thanks for the info.
  11. by   vertigo1022
    The LifeFlight program in the area is excellent but very competitive. ER is a good way to go to get the necessary experience needed but it also helps to have some good ICU experience. I know of a lot of the burn nurses up there who were interested in the program. I was also lucky enough to get to visit the flight deck and tour the aircraft while I was there, a really cool experience. Wish you the best of luck.
  12. by   ShoalsRN
    The Vandy Life Flight is competitive . You also have to be a Paramedic and have your CCRN and TNCC or CEN if I am not mistaken I have not looked into it in a while . There pay as noted above is not as good as some surrounding Hospitals . They do have a lot to offer in terms of experience in their units and the level 1 ER . It is a great atmosphere to work in as well . Kind of neat with all the students walking around all day . Nashville is loaded with things to do and if you get a little ways out of town prices on apartments and houses come down . In town though it is tough with several colleges and all the regular people to compete against for housing .
  13. by   NeuroMedic
    I am currently working at Vanderbilt 10th floor critical care in Nashville, while working on my E.N.P.(A.C.N.P./F.N.P.) at VUSN. I have been living here for quite some time. I am also a Paramedic with Metro Fire; with a history in aeromedical transport with Erlanger Life Force and Vandy Life Flight.
  14. by   CainRN
    Big thanks to everyone. I have heard good things about Vandy and now I feel even better about my decision to move to Nashville and pursue a position there. I would love to get onto the Lifeflight team, but my immediate future is focused on transitioning from student to nurse and learning the in's and out's of the field. The ER internship seemed like a good starting point, but I work as a critical care tech now and I wonder if an ICU wouldn't be a better learning environment for a new nurse. Either way, I have a bit of time before I make the move. It's all rather exciting though. :spin: