Men in Nursing: Research Paper

  1. Hello to all...I'm in my last 8 months of finishing my BSN. I'm in the process of working on a research paper...I've decided to do it on men in nursing and figured what better place to find out info than this forum. If anyone would like to share their experiences rather it be positive or negative regarding stereotypes in the work force or gender issues you've encountered...I have read different threads in this forum related to this topic however, any additional info appreciated...thks

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  3. by   Demonsthenes
    When I went to Texas Woman's University school of nursing in Dallas, two of my nursing instructors told me that I "would make a good doctor but not a good nurse." Also, an nursing instructor there at a large auditorium full of nurses stated: "Good doctors do not make good nurses and good nurses do not make good doctors." All of the nursing students shook there heads in approval at that statement.
    Yes, there is both gender and class based discrimination in nursing.
    In the past, nursing was limited to women from working class back grounds.
    Women from upper or upper middle class back grounds were not allowed in nursing.
    Of course, men were not allowed.
    I graduated from another nursing school other than Texas Woman's University.
    I hold a B.S. in Biochemistry. I come from an upper class or upper middle class back ground. My father was an attorney at law as was my grandfather.
    In any case, it is clear from the statements made by my instructors at TWU that there are covert and overt forms of discrimination in nursing both because of gender and social cultural back ground comprehending that nursing is reserved for women from working class back grounds.
    Any familiarity with nursing education and practice will confirm the same.
    I believe that this stereotyping of nurses by nurses has promulgated the stereotyping of nurses as mean, vulgar, and discriminatory and that the same has provided some with the justification for oppressing nurses in general as unworthy of just and equitable treatment.:uhoh21:
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    send me your email; I'd like to share a paper I wrote. you could let me know what you think of it.