Male NP Students?

  1. Hey all

    I'm starting FNP school in Fall 2017, any of you guys starting an NP program next year or currently enrolled? I'll be attending EKU (Eastern Kentucky University) and their demographics say 90% of their graduates are female (LOL). Not suprising, I went there as an undergrad and there were only 2 guys in my class, me and another dude.

    How are you preparing or how did you prepare for going back to school? Its been 13 years for me...
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  3. by   littleboyboo
    Hi there,

    My ultimate goal is to become an NP. I've ALWAYS had the desire and drive to be one! I'm just starting my prereq for RN lol, so I have a long way to go! I'm 37, and thinking I should get my NP at 42, 43 if my calculations are right! Like you, I find ways to prepare to make this academic process easier for myself. What I do, is study subjects I know I'll have before hand. This way, I can succeed easier in this individual class. Other than that, I really don't know what else to do to prepare myself...

    On another note, I've heard many NP's often say it wasn't as hard as they thought it would be.

    G'luck to you.
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    I just finished my first course about 12 hours ago.

    I usually prepare by waiting till the last minute, let the adrenaline peak, then start writing at a feverish pace.
    A "B" is passing, "C" is not, and only one B is allowed. Only 7 courses and 3 full clinical rotations to go!

    I finished a non nursing masters 6 years ago, and vowed to never return to school. I should be done just about the same time I'm eligible for social security.
  5. by   Buyer beware
    For men the preceptors. Especially the OB/GYN.
    If you do not have your free teachers squared away from the get-go you will be in trouble.
    There is a cut-throat scamble for the free teachers and unless you're a very good weasel or uncle Sol is a doctor I would beware of signing on the dotted line.
    As you may know some schools give substantive help with this issue but most don't.
    The reason why you hardly ever hear about this issue for especially male NP students is that those who have been lead on and snookered remain in the shadows asking themselves how they could be so trusting and why nobody cares.
    A big reason why nobody care has to do with what you alluded to in your text. The demographics tell the tale. At EKU 90% of their graduating class are women.
    You see with mant people if a problem doesn't impact them---oh well.
    Be careful with this aspect of NP school so as not to be one of the "oh wells." In fact, have the school own up to the problem so you can be assured you will not be left by the wayside.
    All too often NP students are on this site begging for preceptors to helo them at the last minute.
    If your a male of the species, it's exponentially harder.
    There I said it. I know the silence on this issue will again be deafening.
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  6. by   chiromed0
    Anchor RN...thank you for your service. I'm done but was a 40+ y.o. second career student when I went into the FNP program. It is mostly female but there are always quite a few male students. I never felt anymore like a minority than when I was an RN. I would say physicians treat you a little different but I think that's the case in general with males in nursing. No real issues EXCEPT when you are doing your clinicals in Ob/Gyn. That is a hurdle for everyone but especially males. Not because the patients have a problem with it, it's usually the preceptors "thinking" the patients will have a problem with it. I'd look at lining that clinical experience up as early as you can so you aren't left scrambling for a place to be. In fact, get busy lining up ALL your clinical locations. The academics you WILL pass with good effort. Clinicals and preceptors are a big hurdle for everyone.

    Boards...take the review courses and start going over the material as soon as you start school. The info will help you consolidate what you need for school and the boards. I wish my program would have filled me in on that tidbit early instead of my last semester in school. My grades and clinical experience would have been a lot better.
  7. by   anchorRN
    Awesome thank you. Did you attend EKU?
  8. by   davke17
    I hope to start a PMHNP program in the Fall. I haven't been in school in 3 years. It will be interesting to start again, but I am highly motivated to become a nurse practitioner.