Help please: Moving to America need to do a degree

  1. Hi everyone im a 19 yr old male

    i live in the Uk and im moving to texas to go to a junior college on a soccer scholorship and i havent yet decided what to do for a degree i am either going to do enginnering or nursing.

    I have no back ground in health care or anything like that from my education in the uk so i was wondering if anyone thinks its a good idea to go into nursing?

    Also i wanted to know what the average pay would be like and how easy it is to better the degree i would get from college and possibly earn more money...

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  3. by   keithjones
    In general I would say that nursing (clinicals specifically) would preclude being involved in sports or vice-versa. go for engineering.
  4. by   MilesRN
    I highly recommend a career in nursing. I have been an RN for eighteen years and have not regretted this career for one moment. I currently have a Master of Science in Nursing and preparing for doctoral study. There are many options in nursing in the United States, clinical, management, education and teaching to name a few. I would highly recommend getting a bachelor's degree in nursing. This is the future of nursing practice in the U.S. and you will be far ahead with a BSN. Additionally, if you are trained in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree you are able to practice just about any where in the world. The average start pay is between 47 to 60k per year. Good luck
  5. by   elkpark
    Are you aware that most US nursing programs require you to be accepted into the nursing program, above and beyond being enrolled as a student at the uni? And most nursing programs are extremely competitive these days (because of all the demand to get into nursing). You can't just declare a nursing major and sign up for classes, like most other majors.
    Also, if you are planning on returning to the UK after graduation, you would want to make sure that your US degree would qualify you for licensure/registration there.

    Best wishes for your journey!
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