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  1. Hi, my name is Jesse and I'd like to know if prior job experience, not related to nursing, is a significant factor in attaining a job as an RN. Since 2002, I have not had a job. Instead, I've been battling depression and grasping a solid goal. It took several years for me to find a medication combination (welbutrin, neurontin, and lamictal) that made me feel normal. Anyways, I applied for the ASN program at a Community College after completing the challenging prerequisites courses.

    Human Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 430 - B, Bio 431 - B, Bio 440 - A)
    All other classes - A's and B's
    Cum GPA:3.65

    I'm simply apprehensive about my future, lamenting my unfortunate past. Currently I'm taking Psychology 370 lifespan and development in order to apply to Sac State. I also completed Organic Chem and Bio Chem. I'd just like to know the typical progression from the ASN/BSN program to an active RN.
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  3. by   pawashrn
    seek out your school counselor. In my opinion you have placed to much personal information in your very basic question. Use caution when talking about yourself. Just the facts, mame as the saying goes
  4. by   Thunderwolf
    My friend, you sound like you are on the right course for yourself. Depression lifts. And hope is something we all need, men and women. Yes, I echo a bit of pawashrn's concern to make sure that you do not provide too much personal info. But, what I see here, you are OK. Many pre-nurses as well as active nurses on the floor have battled Depression. It happens. So, just take care of yourself regarding stress, keep things in balance, and maintain active supports. Sometimes, to be a man is to be human....this applies as well as being a nurse. Check with your school counselor about the options available to you. Once you complete your schooling and graduate, you will take your RN board....then, off to work, my friend....gaining more valuable experience. You will do fine. I have all the confidence in you.


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  5. by   nghtfltguy
    in most cases.. it does matter..

    i wish you the best of luck....
    im sure you will do fine~

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