Future male nurse looking for advice and or suggestions

  1. Hello all,

    Yeppers I will be a 50yr young male nurse when I finish my LPN education in NJ. Currently I am taking pre reqs for LPN (with sights set on RN) future at a local community college. I already qualified for next years admittance into voc school for LPN as I missed this years class admission as the class was full. The time frame to get admitted into the local county college for the RN program is about a 2 years wait after completing the pre reqs. IKESSS!!! (4+years) So I have decided to take 10 classes before next Septembers LPN class. I will use the pre reqs towards a rn bsn degree (via lpn - rn program). I will then take the class for LPN starting next September and finish in about 10 months. So again in 2 years I will hopefully be a LPN with about 12 classes that will be able to be used towards a RN degree.

    THE Questions...Does this sound like logical route? Are there any recently new nurses in this age category out here? What about all you young-ins give me your thoughts on my choices and planned route. choices).

    SOME MORE INFO...I do need to get into the workforce as soon as possible and I will be working until... well i hope forever at some level so I figured a career in health care is a good place to be and with a bsn degree this will hopefully afford different doors down the road I hope (who knows a masters might be in my future) . I was an EMT years ago and loved it. Sure I know the LPN License is going to limit me to LTC / Home health for a period of time but that is fine by me. I am a workaholic and have a great personality so I am sure I will be Okay.

    This is a major career change for me as I was a heavy construction contractor until I suffered an injury to which I had surgery and now I am on my way to a full recovery. (About 6 months)
    I have some friends that think I am entering a young persons field but to be honest my adult Adhd keeps me very young so I really think I can keep up physically and mentally. (I do have a close young cousin whom I have a great relationship with and I followed her through her college studies. She just got her first RN job in med surg with in 1 month of passing n-clex) I am realling looking forward to a little more consistancy in my life with periods of gratification (although yes I know the gratifications are not what they used to be but that is our future for all careers)

    Well I will stop rambling and I wait in anticipation of your awesome replies
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  3. by   firefighter38310
    Well I have been nursing 30 years. I have worked th ER 28Nurse years. I prefer the fire dep't now as primary job. I would do it all over again. Nursing allowed me to put 3 kids throughcollege. Brb. FD call out
  4. by   patrick1rn
    what is a mail nurse ? did the postal service start hiring nurses ?
  5. by   malestudentat49
    hehehe... 2 funny I just hope the nurse does not go the way of the postal worker oh wait maybe they are after all they are closing many smaller hospitals just like smaller post offices and nurses are being replaced by "Techs" just like the postal workers are being replaced by robots.....
  6. by   patrick1rn
    In all serious Nurseat, that sounds like a good plan. I work full time as a Nurse Practitioner and part time as a RN in a ICU. We have several men who are in there 50s who recently graduated from nursing school. I would aim for the RN though instead of the LPN. More pay, almost same work..
  7. by   rn/writer
    Edited title.


    I would suggest you keep your injury on the down low. You can tell people you needed something different with construction slowing down. Or, if you live in the northern part of the country, you can say you were looking for something less dependent on decent weather.

    Whatever you decide to tell folks, focus on something other than getting hurt. You want to present yourself as strong and capable and eager to take on new challenges. Why? Because as unfair as it is, some employers--heck, some schools--will not be able to see past the negatives. So don't give them anything to use against you.

    I really admire you for taking this on. Nursing needs more good men, especially those who have some solid life experience. You sound like someone who will be a force for good in the profession.

    I wish you the best.
  8. by   nurse2033
    I would head straight for an RN program. The career options are so much better and more varied. And you don't have thirty years to bounce around an industry. The time investment is similar with better pay, advancement and career options. I wouldn't worry about your age as long as you have a good attitude. I would only go LPN if it was the best route to RN. Best of luck!
  9. by   malestudentat49
    Thanks for all the great replies,

    Because schools are so backed up in accepting nursing students into there RN programs (Often 2 years after you complete all pre -req's) LPN to RN route is really quickest and offers the best opportunity to get the income and experience flowing.

    Funny, I started a PTSD peer 2 peer support group at our college (has taken off like wildfire). But I understand keeping the injury thing on the down low.

    49 years young. I must say coming back to school was/is a huge challenge but somehow it has offered me some comfort being in a safe place and one where people for the most part are good natured. The course load of 6 classes is challenging but again because of my lifes experiences even A & P is excitting so I am really trying to keep up the energy and forward outlook. Luckily all my Profs. have been understanding and very supportive of my endeavors and have really supported my 504 plan that said when the PTSD symptoms hit I have many escape routes afforded me to take that break to regroup and use management techniques to get my head back into class work.

    Thanks all and be safe!
    Officially 49 as of yesterday!
  10. by   patrick1rn
    The good thing about being a nurse is that the more education and certifications you get, more pay, more responsibility and less strain on your back ! Get your RN, find a place that your interested in working at, scope it out, understand that some of our female coworkers will talk about you, try to belittle you, dont worry about what they think, other female coworkers are good people. Take it all in stride. Some nurses both men and women ( but mostly women to be honest) will try to make your life a living hell being a new nurse and being a male. Some of these nurses seem to enjoy making peoples lives miserable. Some of the guys are like this too though.. I would like to say that I wasnt one of those guys. I did have a reputation of being imtimidating to other nurses though.. I just wouldnt let them play their mind games on me.. As a Nurse practitioner in a clinic it is a different story now. I have to watch what I say 100 percent of the time, its not like working the night shift as a nurse. but its more of a challenge and with out challenges in life, is life worth living ? Not for me. I guess thats why I do what I have to do.