Boy have times changed: 1950 RN Magazine cover

  1. Found at Ruby Lane website

    R.N. Magazine September, 1950-- featuring male nurse
    The Pin from McLean Hospital School of Nursing in Waverly, Mass. is on the cover of the September, 1950 issue
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  3. by   justme1972
    I found an old obstetrics (sp) nursing school textbook from the 1950's at my father's a few days ago.

    It showed how to start potty training an infant on a vessel at only 4 months, how babies should be handled as little as possible except for feeding and baths to keep from being "spoiled", and it showed the binding garments that went over your breasts and torso after you gave birth to help you get your waist back (maybe that wasn't such a bad deal afterall).

    The most hysterical was the section on maternity showed the garmet, but the women had perfect 24" demonstrated how much pregnancy was hidden.
  4. by   czyja
    Yes times have changed. It is noteworthy that the McLean Hospital was (and is) one of nations most prestigious psychiatric hospitals. I suspect that their SON are a larger number of men than most given that psych nursing was one of few nursing jobs open to men in the 1950's. This was of course in the pre-psychopharmacology era when men were needed to place patients in restraints.

    Are there any McLean SON grads out there? I would love to hear about those days.