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memorial hospital in medesto, CA

hey guys, has anyone heard or worked for memorial hospital in medesto, CA. thanks for any input.


Specializes in Ortho Med\Surg.

It's Modesto and no, I haven't.

It is a busy, sh*thole place. I personally know nurses who work there. And yeah, it is Modesto, CA.......about an hour south of Sacramento on the 99.

what about Doctors Hospital in Modesto - is it good? I Just got offered a travel assignment for the ICU unit, it's my first time to be traveling. also pay was quoted 1500/week that's with full stipend ... is that a good pay?

hey goldengirl88, I also just interviewed for my first travel assignment at Doctors Hospital in Modesto. I would love to talk more about where you are thinking about living. I have seen a lot of post about it being an unsafe area. When do you start?

i start december! you? still looking for housing in the safer areas. when do you start?

I just had another interview yesterday and they offered the position. I am suppose to start sometime the week of December 10. I have to get my temporary California license. I just joined this site and I dont think I can PM but if you can, send me your email and we chat. I would love to at least know one person when I go out there! Talk to you soon!


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