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Memorial Hermann TMC Location



I just accpeted an offer for the GN Program at Memorial Hermann in the TMC. I have only done clinical rotations in the Pedi area and I accepted a position for Adult General Medicine. I dont know very much about Memorial Hermann and I have heard both good and bad things-Can anyone tell me about their expierences at this hospital?

NeoNurseTX, RN

Specializes in NICU Level III.

I had clinicals in several areas there and it was very hit or miss depending on the floors. Some were very cohesive and others were just falling apart. Same way everywhere. I work there now and I LOVE it.

hey congrats! Are you graduating this semester? how did the application progress go? I graduate next spring, but I'll be looking for their applications for my class early spring. If you can share how the process was for you, that'll be great!

diane227, LPN, RN

Specializes in Management, Emergency, Psych, Med Surg. Has 32 years experience.

Hermann Hospital, as it was originally called before they went into a partnership with the Memorial Hospital System was made from the money left by Mr. Hermann after he died. He designated his money be used for a hospital to treat the poor. The old building that you will notice at the front of the hospital is the original hospital building. Hermann park across the street is named for him. He was one of the founders of Houston.

Hermann is an interesting place to work. I did rotations there in nursing school and then worked there for a while for the trauma service before they merged with Memorial. They like to think of themselves as a private hospital on par with Methodist but they get a lot of poor, un or under insured patients. They have an outstanding life flight program. I guess there is good and bad there, just like every where else. It is a big place, which can be good or bad. I liked it there but the woman I worked for was an ass, so I left.

Apply to another facility in the Medical Center. I worked at Memorial Hermann TMC for 2 years and they do not value their nurses. Ask the nurses on the unit how long they've been a nurse and how long they've worked at Memorial. I worked on a unit with the average being 1-3 years and one nurse with the system for 10 years. A good facility will have at least 25% of their staff working for the system for >10 years, not Memorial. Their orientation process was horrible.