memorial herman

U.S.A. Texas


has anyone heard from the memorial herman hosptial and had an interview for their nursing intership that starts in january?

Nope...I applied a few weeks ago and have not heard anything.

I havent either. Assuming I probably wont, especially since the website says they will contact no later than Oct 18th.

Yeah, super bummed. Would've been really nice to get an interview.

I just received a call from a recruiter at the med. center location about the internship- they said I was on their interest list to interview. Unfortunately, the med. center location only wants BSN's who are graduating by December. I only have my ADN and won't be finished til May. She did say that the other locations were hiring BSN's though. So, even though it is their last day to call for interviews, they are calling people. I'm praying by some chance I get a call from another location that is okay with ADN's today. Good luck everyone.

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