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    As far as money made and time spent working/recovering which is better? assume per diem for both.

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    ok which of these is right. my text book is not clear on this

    Risk for Injury related to impaired mobility secondary to CVA, osteoarthritis, DDD, insomnia, and morphine(side effects of?) as evidenced by weakness on left side, chronic pain, and impaired cognitive awareness.


    Risk for injury related to impaired mobility as evidenced by weakness of left side secondary to hemiparesis, chronic pain secondary to osteoarthitis and degenerative disk disease, and impaired cognitive awareness secondary to insomnia and morphine.


    Risk for injury related to impaired mobility as evidenced by weakness of left side (left hemiparesis), chronic pain (osteoarthitis and degenerative disk disease), and impaired cognitive awareness (insomnia and morphine).

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    So you did read only the material related to class notes??? Because if that works it might be easier. There are a lot of places in the book where you can clearly see the instructor is refering to.

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    Ok i'm 3 days into the nursing program and I can see a huge problem with my study habits. They are good ones but obviously need some adjusting. it seems that we're going to have to read 80-180 pages for lecture 2 to 3 days a week.
    After reading for 4 hours and coming to about 50 pages, (that's 1 page every
    4 mins or so i guess), I realized that i was totally and utterly screwed. Reading the book has never been the best way to retain the knowledge for me. I don't know what to do here. Should I wait till after the lecture and only read what they went over in class with a few more details? I've already tried spilting the reading up through out the week and it would still encompass all of my time. If i did just highlight the things brought up in class and studied those, perhaps made my own notes from them and lecture, would i still do well? What do you do to combat this problem?
    I can get it down to 3.5 mins per page sometimes but my eyes get tired and i slow up. I need guiadence people! Am i the only one with this problem?


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    Thanks so much for your input everyone! I think i'll feel much more at ease now knowing that others were unsure and came through. And i would like to have a life outside the hospital. Do you know what kind of duties a OR nurse and such have that might interest me? Do they give sutures and such? what kind of hands on exciting stuff is there? Do we go through these rotations in school?
    And what is a surgical PA? Do phys assis. have the same education? is that a nursing major? What do they do?

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    I start the ADN program on August 15th... and my nerves are driving me crazy. I'm so afraid that i'm going to absolutly hate it.
    What if it's not at all what i thought it was? What if it's all charting and no "fun". I originally went to school with the intention of going to Med school. I wanted to be a surgeon. I like the inner workings of the human body. I love watching surgery on tv, i'd love to be involved in that; i find it fascinating.
    But i'm worried that nursing is going to feel mundane and boring and i'm unsure if it's for me. I know there are different areas of nursing some more hands on than others but how hands on is it? Is it enough to peak my interest?
    I know that nurses have to love what they do. I remember when I was in the hospital. I was sick and they didn't know why, they were running tests and i had spent what seemed like hours trying to down this horrible liquid for another one. I vomited it all up on the floor and i started crying because i felt so sick and i had to start all over again. The nurse sat down next to me and told me that she knew how i felt, she was going through Chemo and was puking every morning. I was humbled by this woman, taking care of me when she was probably feeling sicker than i was.
    Do I have that level of dedication? I want so badly to love it like some of you do. But then i hear horror stories from some of the more bitter nurses that seem to really hate their jobs. What if i go through all this and hate it? Will i know while going through school if it's something for me or is that not a realization you come to until actually in the field?
    I need some words of advice, encouragement, anything to ease my anxiety about this.
    I know I'll do great if i put my mind to it. I just want to know it will be something I won't regret later. :uhoh21: :stone