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    Quote from aahmad20
    Hello Everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone else is going to what is now Henry Ford College of Nursing in the fall? Also, if anyone who has already been through their program have any advice for the first semester?
    Is the June 30 deadline for the Fall 2014?

    when is the next application deadline for nursing this year?

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    and yes, I am being bullied in this thread. People bringing up past posts, invalidating my experiences yep all bullying. Say what you want.

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    Quote from KelRN215
    Goes to pattern. You state that you "know" when you are being bullied. I simply pointed out that you accused us all of bullying you before when NO ONE was. We were just telling you a truth that you didn't want to hear. Kind of like on this thread.
    So, the lady was right when she told me men don't date girls like me? I guess I deserved that insult amongst others

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    Quote from wooh
    I think no matter what your marital status, you are going to perceive yourself as being bullied.

    Your posts are overwhelmingly about being victimized. You need to take a hard look at YOU instead of whining about the world not being fair to you, people being mean to you, circumstances being out of your control.

    Wherever you go, there you'll be.
    This approach does nothing but let the bullies off the hook. BS advice.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt

    I absolutely hate this quote. Pure BS and it lets the bullies/victimizers off the hook. This woman was born wealthy and married to a President; she lived a privileged life. she was never in a position to be inferior to anyone

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    Quote from klone
    *Okay, I laughed at this. I know it's serious; I couldn't help myself.

    **OP, I took a moment to look over your previous posts at this website. The overwhelming theme is that you are a victim. Things are happening to you, and are never your fault or responsibility. As long as you have that attitude in life, you will be "bullied" everywhere you go.

    *This is not gaslighting

    **Neither is this
    I don't need your validation about my situation. I KNOW I was bullied. You were not there

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    Quote from KelRN215
    You previously accused all of us of bullying you because we told you it's not an expectation that your professors spoon feed you Power Point slides and study guides. What you have described thus far on this thread is not bullying. Just because someone says something you don't like doesn't make it bullying.
    Stop deflecting. Leave the past in the past. If you want to contribute to the topic of this thread do so, but dragging up old posts that happened months ago is highly inappropriate

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    Yes, it was a repeated occurrence. I know when I'm being bullied and I don't need people telling me any different. Stop gas lighting

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    Quote from ixchel
    I disagree completely. Bullying is a repeated act directed toward a person with the intention of inflicting physical or emotional harm and exert status over the person being bullied. It is repeated, and it is behavior that escalates over time. It leaves the victim feeling terror over the idea that they have to return to the scene of the repeated acts, whether it be school or work.

    This is what I meant by my first post in this thread. People do not know the meaning of bullying. An insensitive person made a rude comment. Rudeness is not bullying.

    Be careful how the "bullying" misnomer can label you. A person who is bullied is a victim. You have not been victimized and this person who made this comment has not exerted power over you. Don't fall into a victim role by believing this is bullying. Don't relinquish your power.
    I only named one circumstance but this person repeatedly made nasty comments towards me. I was bullied. It hurt my feelings. And she was wrong.

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    I would call it 'Your co-worker is a thoughtless jerk with no filter between his/her brain and mouth.' She's probably said similarly thoughtless things to your co-workers. I fail to see how it is bullying.
    You're gas lighting. She was bullying me.

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Well, being asked to work extra is not bullying. And neither is 'not fitting in'. I fail to see where you have been bullied, truthfully.
    Telling someone that "men don't date girls like you" is not considered bullying? What do you call it then?

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Why do you ask, OP?
    Because I feel that my marital status plays a part in getting bullied. I had a older woman in the nursing program approach me and say "men don't date girls like you"…this was out of the blue. I was minding my own business when she said that. And then the other girls in the program talk about their boyfriends/husbands/kids a lot and well…I don't. Not in a relationship nor do I have kids. This makes me easy prey. I thought if I was married or had kids I would fit in a lot more & not get bullied or ostracized.

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    excluded, ostracized, picked on, etc

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    Are women who are married less likely to be bullied than a single woman with no kids??

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    Quote from loveLPNs2014
    Yes I go to Everest as a LPN student when I get done I will go on to The Bridge Program which is for LPNs only
    What bridge program? I was told that Everest credits do not transfer

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    Dorsey is cheaper 26,000. Everest is 36,000.