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    Is there anyone knows if Ospital ng sampaloc hiring nurses and what are the requirements..thanks and God bless us

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    Quote from yhenny
    from joshypototoy
    i send them the requirements they need personally at the HR 1st week of april and yes they looking for staff nurses w/ or w/o experience.. i think acls is not required only latest bls training certfcate..

    hey josh! just wanna ask where did u actually or personally sent your requirements/application for Metro North Medical Center. I called them a while ago but the guy said, they will accept resumes next year. So lucky of you..u have chance to be employed in that hospital..I think Metro North MC is the sister company of Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center..plz do mail me if you have time where exactly u passed ur resume. it's

    Thanx a lot and goodluck to us Nurses..
    Hi josh. Kindly send it to me too where you submitted your resume on my email for your reply.

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    Quote from red_08
    hi there.. you can try to but its not a guarantee. i believe they are still processing apllications way back from 2009. but its worth a try. =) call them as well so your efforts wont be wasted.
    ah ok. tx a lot.. is there any hospital in manila that are still hiring's really frustrating...

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    Quote from DILM
    Metro North Medical Center is found along mindanao avenue, near project 8. I passed by there a while ago and I only saw their huge banner saying that that site is where the hospital will be erected. I don't think they have started building it yet.

    Oh thank you. But can I submit now my resume to them? And do you have any idea where can I submit it.? thanks

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    Quote from bubblesbooboobaby
    i just passed their entrance exam, but to get in the ntap i need to pass their psych exam and panel interview.. once you finish the ntap, you'll have to wait for your contract/ deployment.

    medical city is always open on accepting applicants. all you have to do is log your name into their list of applicants in the h.r. youll have to wait around 6 months to get a call/text informing you of your exam. i heard not everyone who enlists their name gets the exam. best of luck to everyone here!
    @bubblesbooboobaby: hi! did you submit your resume through their website or you went to the tmc personally? tx

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    can i still submit resume to osmak? are they still accepting new applicants. tx in advance

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    Hello collegues. Can I still submit resume to st.lukes. Are they still accepting new applicants? Tx

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    Quote from nurseharbee
    If you dont mind, where is their hospital situated? what are the documents to be submitted for staff nurse position?

    Quote from tomoyo_17
    HI guys!

    I tried calling pacific global last week, no answer... tried calling for 2 weeks now... then i found out here that they'll be accepting applicants in june, (yay!!!) ^_^

    Does any one know where we will pass our requirements for pacific global?
    @tomoyo Hi! May I know the exact address of pacific global center and as well.Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    What hospitals in Manila that are now hiring nurses? tx

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    [Is medical City still hiring nurses? When was it started. Can I still submit resume?