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    I'm at Wake Med in Raleigh- what about you? I grew up in Mooresville

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    I live in NC and while my base salary is $10.75 (I got hired at a local hospital with no previous experience), we get differential pay for if we work evenings, nights, weekends, and on-call. It is my understanding that most hospitals do this- so you get an extra $1.65 for each hour after 7p for example. Also, if money is an issue why don't you try to get a supplemental/float pool job? These are self scheduling positions and can allow you to have a full time job somewhere and work a few shifts here and there when you can fit it into your week. That would allow for some extra money and invaluable experience.

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    A lot of schools require having it (especially community colleges), but even if your school doesn't I would highly, highly recommend doing it. When I first decided to go back to school for nursing I thought that all a CNA did was wipe butts but you do SO much more than that- you really get to see what it's like working in a hospital or LTC setting and see if nursing is going to be for you. I didn't realize how much I loved patient care until I took my CNA class. Also, a lot of people who I was in the class with decided against going into nursing after taking the class. I think it's good to do so that you don't get into nursing school, decide it isn't for you, and waste your time and money. Good luck!

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    I am a returning student and I have struggled with the same type of situation. I am 25 years old and all of my friends who I graduated college with (the first time I went) are all starting their careers and seem to have ample amounts of free time while I have been slaving away for the past year & a half taking (and retaking things that did not transfer- annoying) my pre-reqs for nursing school. It is so frustrating that they don't understand the time and commitment it takes, but eventually I just realized that I need to do what I need to do to reach my goals and take school seriously.

    Through the course of your time in school, you will make friends who understand the importance of putting work first. A lot of people don't realize how competitive and difficult it is to work towards getting your nursing degree, so screw them and put yourself first sometimes. You can hang out with them next weekend. Learn your A&P, it's essential!!! It will be worth it.

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    I am a returning student who has FINALLY completed all of my pre-reqs for an ADN program (YAY!), and since I missed the application deadline for my school's fall program I will be taking a hiatus until (hopefully) January 2012. I'll be working as a tech on the CVIC unit of my local hospital as well as nannying. I am wondering what kind of things I should be reviewing before beginning nursing school in January....should I review patho and begin reading drug calculations? I know they have quite the reputation. Any advice from nursing students (first semester to new grads) or nurses would be great. I will go crazy if I don't use my noggin for 8 months!!!

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    I am a returning student who has completed all of my pre-reqs for nursing school and will not be in school until January (hopefully if I get in) where I will be getting my ADN. I want to try to get a head start on some studying in my off-time from school and am wondering from other nursing students what you would recommend. I am planning on reviewing my patho for sure and am curious if I should go ahead and look at some drug calculation help books. I would be thankful and open to any advice anyone may have. Thanks in advance