meeting up...........!


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ok chrisrob cant post.......think she's going to have join again!!

re meeting up

seems to be a few ideas kicking around. do you want a) york or b) manchester. makes no odds to me- will have to travel either way!!

I can see if i can get us some cheap rates- do we want a block booking or each make our own and meet up at an agreed meeting place........wearing a red rose in our lapels of course...seeing as how we cant get allnurses t-shirts!!

can get us £35/ night b&b at the Jarvis in york if 2 share?? just an idea!

so time to let us know.............

Karen and Chris



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Well my vote would be for York, however I know that is being quite selfish as it is really close for me, but I could get to Manchester, so If that is where the majority is going to go, I'll take a deep breath and leave the safe confines of Yorkshire;)

If it is York, then I would make my own way there, Manchester I could meet people at the train station, or another big, really hard to miss place.

Shame about the t-shirts though! I like the look of the bags, but after working out the exchange rate and shipping fees... it can wait a bit longer, say another 10 months or so (fingers crossed), and then I an give in and orer all the US DVDs I would love to own as well!

If the above cam across like a spolit child please, blaim the cold medication... I feel like I am dosed up to the eyeballs


P.S. I am going to York at the very begining of January to the panto anyhow, so if we do meet up in Manchester, I could always try and pick up some takeout orders from Betty's, so no one misses out:)

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