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Medsurg and Stepdown Nurse getting into LTC, question about CareOne etc

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading. I had previous experience as a Medsurg and Stepdown Nurse. However, I had a baby and all the day cares are not open late and I can't find a baby sitter that's willing to do 13 hour shifts (by the time I get home at least 13 hours will have elapsed) and her father is not able to pick her up from day care because of his work hours. Day care here is very expensive in general and I couldn't afford to hire someone to pick her up from day care and bring her home...plus it would be hard to find someone who is willing to work the erratic schedule. Basically every week she might have to come in on M, Tu, Fri and the week after that it would totally change...because it's hard to get a steady schedule as a nurse.

So I am looking into places with 8 or 10 hour day shifts so I can drop off and pick up the baby. So far I haven't had any luck with the couple of doctors offices and day surgery centers I applied to (so many day surgeries want prior OR exerperience, I have none). I found a few nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities that have 8 hour day shifts. However, my impression of long term care is that it would be like working on my previously poorly staffed med surg unit where frequently the nurses would cry from the stress and poor treatment by management. And i'm sad to be leaving the hospital environment, it's the only environment I've known. However, i've also been told that hospitals can be overrated and grass can be greener in other settings. Right now I don't think I have many choices so am looking into skilled nursing.

Does anyone have any opinions on CareOne? Anyone have any friends who have worked there? Does the quality of the place depend on the particular location? Anyone have any suggestions on any NY/NJ area ones that can be a better work environment for nurses? I have been used to working like a dog with 8 patients sometimes even 9 patients on a prior medsurg floor. It was able but I could wing it. So I guess handling having much more patients (though lower acuity) in skilled nursing would be similar or even worse?

Anyone else have any suggestions? Maybe I should look into home care nursing instead (it can have 8 hour shifts as well) or keep on trying doc offices? Thanks for your help everyone

i worked for CareOne for 16 years in NJ....wonderdul places!! The corporation is amazing BUT each facility is run very differently and depends on your admin and DON. But, I have find memories of CareO e and have zero bad to say about them


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