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meditech edm help


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I am a per diem ER nurse, having trouble with Meditech. Would anyone know of or be willing to share a simple step by step walk thru of a patient in ER???

No problem with pt care, just the documentation keys and entries.


rearviewmirror, BSN, RN

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I'm sure you already know how to chart, as everything goes, just keep charting and you will get better. I hate meditech with passion; it's outdated, slow, redundant, cheap, and ineffective. I used a pretty nice program before using meditech and meditech was huge downgrade, but I have used it for long time so it's not hard anymore. Time and repeated use will do for you, unless you don't work as often because you're per diem, or travel. I know travel nurses who will exclude facilities solely based on whether they use meditech or not.

I went from paper charting to Cerner, then to Meditech. While Cerner has it's problems, Meditech is absolutely an antique ( think Microsoft DOS 101), extremely inefficient and frustrating to learn. You will eventually get it, but it's Very time consuming every time you chart. Nothing much integrates with each other and things have to be entered separately. I do not recommend any Hospital going to this format. Spend the extra money, it will be worth it.

turnforthenurse, MSN, NP

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I also went from Cerner/FirstNet to Meditech. I despise Meditech with a passion. I agree, it's extremely inefficient and difficult to use. Nothing flows or makes sense and I hate how there is no alert to new orders after other orders have been put in. Keep charting and you'll eventually get better at it as with any charting system.