Meditation in rehab

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Hey, new to this group. I’ve just accepted a position in acute inpatient rehab and should start in a couple of months. I’ve been reading as much as possible to get an idea of what to expect so I feel pretty confident there.

So my question to you already working rehab nurses is whether you know of any meditation/relaxation programs in the rehab setting?

There are numerous articles on the benefits. Just wondering if anyone has seen it implemented.



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congrats for the job! the job involves lots of lifting, transferring.. it's just very physically demanding. Nursing skills involved: foley catheter, drawing blood, starting IV, transfusing blood, NG-tube, PEG tube, wound care and trach.

It depends on your facility. My previous facility doesn't have meditation/relaxation program, but they have yoga once a week for one hour. Other than that, just regular rehab activities with PT, OT, or ST.


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It will depend on the facility. Some better inpatient acute rehabilitation facilities have meditation and mindfulness/reflection activities incorporated into a patient's care plan. They also have doctoral prepared individuals that provide this form of therapy. Good luck!

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