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I am just starting nursing school here in a couple of weeks. This is more of a personal research. I am one of those people that do a ton of research before I decide on something. I was wondering where I could go to get adequate medication information. I am looking for information regarding Provigil and Breastfeeding. Everything I am looking up, states that there is no information or no studies done. But I also have this program on my PDA that states that due to it's molecular weight and such, it is suggested that it will pass into the breastmilk. It also states if chosen to use it during lactation, then watch the baby for symptoms that would be expected in adults (i.e. Headaches, wakefulness, etc.). So, with that, would you take such a medication or would you just go ahead and pull through without it until all finished breastfeeding? I know that I could transition my baby to formula, but I just do not want to do that. I think I would probably go into a state of depression or something if I had to do that.

Please give me your advice.



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You could stop the medication until you finish breastfeeding.

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We can't give medical advice on This is something you should discuss with your health care practitioners. Good places to start would be your child's doctor or perhaps a lactation consultant.

You sound like a dedicated mom who wants to do her best for her little one. I hope you are able to find an acceptable choice.

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